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Energy is everywhere we go. It is in trees that you walk by, the rays of sun that shines down onto all and in people you interact with. Energy is within all of us and comes to light each day. There are different levels of energy that we can have. It all depends on our mindset and way of life 🙂

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How we choose to live is up to ourselves. You determine what you deem to be true about life, how you should be like towards other people and whether you are willing to help others or not. Those who have a kind heart and do their best to help other people tend to have a calming, yet energetic aura. One that is thoughtful and inviting 😀

A persons attitude and how they allow themselves to behave in public can give off a negative energy vibe. It is a disappointing energy that makes people want to avoid a particular individual like that, as no one wants to feel horrible. We all want to feel our happiest and live our best life. It is better that we put our best foot forward, by encouraging and supporting one another ❤

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Have you ever walked into an environment and felt that the negative vibes around you, made you feel nervous or uncomfortable? It is not a pleasant feeling. It can be best to leave such places so that your own aura does not get impacted in a bad way. We need to keep our hearts kind and happy to prevent ourselves from getting caught up in negativity.

Taking care of our health and wellbeing can help us feel our best. By doing this, it will allow us avoid being negative and have control over our minds. Of course from time to time it is normal to feel down as things in life happen. We just need to have the strength to bounce back from those moments. We need positive energy to keep reaching for our goals and become the best versions of ourselves ❤

Thank you so much for reading! Please continue to take great care of yourself and put love into all that you do. We have the choice to keep our minds strong and positive. Let’s keep it that way. Spread love and kindness. Always remember that you can do any and that you are stronger than you think. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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