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Often we care about what other people think of us. It could be to do with our appearance, intelligence or what we choose to do with our time. We each have our own values and way of life. Some can let people live as they please and others, well they like to express their thoughts about someone else’s life ❤

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I try my best to ignore what others think of me. I say ‘try’ as there is no way that I do not occasionally consider what someone may think about my work, social platforms and who I am as a person. There is a bit of curiosity of what others can think of our individual selves. Whether the opinions are good or bad, we tend to want to know the thoughts going on inside other peoples heads.

Of course, we cannot get too caught up in moments of overthinking about peoples opinions. They may leave a not so nice comment on a photo you posted and it may cause you to feel frustrated as you cannot understand why anyone could write such inappropriate things. It is best to delete and block comments that you can tell have been written to intentionally hurt you.

We have to remember that if cruel words can come out of a person and be towards someone they do not know in real life, those words say a lot about who they are and how they feel, more than anyone else. They are projecting their own hurt heart. Yes, more than likely it is a cry for help for them to be acknowledged or possibly they want to share their own pain by hurting someone else ❤

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It is heartbreaking to know someone could be hurt so badly that they have to make everyone who comes into contact with them feel bad. The saddest part is that you cannot force them to change. I have had to let people who could not overcome hurting others go as it was too mentally draining trying to make them feel better all the time. At the end of the day, they are the only ones who can make themselves change.

Individuals are the only ones who can make themselves feel better. We feel better by making good choices in life. Choosing to go out or stay home, eat healthy or junk food and exercise or not. You choose and that choice will reflect in your life. When it comes to our social platforms please do not focus on the number of followers or likes you have. You are not defined by these numbers. Numbers come and go. What matters is your strength and will to keep working on your dreams.

Thank you so much for reading! What you are defined by is your heart. Being kind to yourself and others is what is most important. So please choose to be kind. With growing your social platforms, whether it be a blog or site where you share content, just be yourself and wonderful like minded people will embrace similar passions with you. Connect with the kind hearts that come your way, while ignoring the numbers. Have a blissful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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