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Constantly doing things each day can tire us out. Leaving little energy to relax. When you are busy most days, you can sometimes forget the littlest things. A proper routine needs to be put in place, as the small daily tasks need to matter as well. There needs to be balance in our life 🙂

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Having a weekly planner is important to ensure that required daily tasks get completed by the due date. I love having a planner as it helps me tremendously with making sure that I am on track to completing my goals. As much as we wish we could remember all that we need to do for the day, it is too difficult to put that much pressure on ourselves. We have a lot going on such as spending time with family, work, general tasks, our hobbies and errands. Having a to do list can help each of these areas avoid clashing ❤

You can either purchase a pre-made planner that has set dates throughout it or you can buy a journal and turn it into a bullet journal. A bullet journal is a lot of fun, as you can customise the layout. You just need to know that it can take up a lot of time as you have to draw it out. I have a pre-made planner that has a dedicated page for each day of the year. You may not require as much room to plan your day. It not so much depends on how much you need to do for the day. It is more about how detailed you want to plan out your day 😀

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I love having a large planner as I enjoy writing a lot. I go into detail about each task, such as with a YouTube video, I will write down what I need to film, when to edit and upload it, and ideas for the corresponding blog post. Sometimes I will go further by writing a paragraph of how the blog post should start. This helps me get an idea of a time frame for the task and keeps me motivated, as it is exciting to see what I am aiming to accomplish 🙂

Another wonderful thing that I love about having a planner is that whenever I get random ideas throughout the day, I will note them down. The ideas can range from future blog posts to what art I should create next. It is helpful to have my planner nearby when I am learning about a subject too. I enjoy watching videos about creating art and business, so it is good for me to take notes that I can implement into my life.

Thank you so much for reading! I highly recommend that you purchase a planner or journal to organise your day-to-day life. It is great as there are just way too many things to remember. Especially if you are staring at a screen all day. It is nice to have a daily checklist and feels incredibly satisfying ticking each one off as they are completed. You will find this very motivating and it will help you keep moving forward. Always stay faithful to your dreams. You can do anything. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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