Have Dreams and Stay Strong. Be Kind. Coronavirus Drawing Day #21 – Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

Do you miss the outside world? What is it that you miss the most? Maybe it is interacting with other people, going to a cafe or in general just going somewhere. Having been stuck in our homes for quite some time now, has allowed us to realise what is important to ourselves. We each have different values, making the importance of something vary for each individual 🙂

Post Apr 18 2020 Pic 5 - Final

Of course, I am sure many of us would agree that people are important. We are realising that we need each other, more than we thought before. Before coronavirus happened, we were using the internet which was a way that connected us with others all over the world. It is beautiful knowing the internet took down some barriers and we learnt more about each other ❤

I find it fascinating learning about different cultures and travelling to experience a country. Travelling is something that I am very passionate about and what I want to do much more of. It is wonderful being able to try different foods, learn another language and see things that are not found within the country we live in. The beautiful nature and animals are what I most get excited to see.

Post Apr 18 2020 Pic 9 - Final

Even though I prefer cold weather where I live (yes, I am weird since Winter is my favourite season), my favourite places to travel to are islands. Tropical places are great and have many fun outdoor activities to offer. I love going to the South Pacific islands such as Vanuatu and New Caledonia, both stunning places. The nature is gorgeous, with beautiful crystal clear water beaches and wonderful coral reefs to snorkel at 😀

I love to snorkel. It is probably my most favourite outdoor activity to do on an island. The coral reefs are like nothing else on earth. They are their own magical world. Everything about coral reefs is beautiful and unique. Actually, just thinking about it now. I hope the Great Barrier Reef has a chance to repair itself while we are stuck at home. Since no tourists are out there at all, it will be able to finally breathe.

Post Apr 18 2020 Pic 1 - Final

Sadly each year, for a long time now the Great Barrier Reef has been reducing in size. It is one of the wonders of the world and would be a great loss if it ceased to exist. Once we are able to get back to our normal lives. It will be interesting to see data collected, showing how the planet was able to heal itself with us not walking all over it. I am sure that the animals and trees are very happy right now that we are currently not in the way of their daily life. They can grow and flourish at the moment, it is so lovely 🙂

I am not saying that we are a terrible species. It is just humans have the ability to choose to be greedy and unfortunately some choose to be that way; taking advantage of both people and nature. We need to find a balance, where we can take care of nature fully and allow our planet to stay healthy. All countries need to be a part of it as we have one world that we all live on. Everything impacts us together ❤

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a cute chibi cat who is happily travelling in an air balloon. They look very content and happy. We are now on day 21 of my #drawingdailytofightcoronavirus challenge. I will keep doing this until we beat coronavirus. Wow 21 days now, hopefully this will all end soon. Please keep your mind happy, positive and strong. Keep staying healthy, be safe and practice social distancing. Stay home so that we can continue to reduce the chance of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Remember that we are strong together and can get through anything. Do not lose hope. A positive mindset is a wonderful thing as love can help us all. Spread love and kindness. Have a cheerful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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