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There are so many things that we do for love. Not just for our partner but also for family and friends. At times we turn a blind eye to what they are doing, even if it seems wrong. Why is it that we do such things? Especially when it goes against the nature of who we are as a person. It seems so odd but then again, maybe it is not? ❤

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They say love is blind. A saying that means you see those who you love in a wonderful way, that causes you to brush off their flaws; even if they are bad flaws. We tend to nit pick at people that we may not know such as someone in the public eye or a stranger walking down the street. Yet, the ones that we love tend to be angels in our eyes. They basically can do no wrong, since we love them way too much!

It is dangerous to keep your eyes closed to poor habits. Yes, we do not want to hurt the ones that we love the most but we do not want to enable bad behaviours, by brushing off their flaws. It does not help them and it certainly does not help us. Since we care about them the most, shouldn’t we be honest even if it hurts? Honesty is the best policy, so why not use it instead of turning away 🙂

It is understandable, at the early stages of your relationship with your partner that you only want to see them in a good light, as they only what to see you in the same way. However, for the long-term it is unhealthy for your relationship to continue in such a manner. As in order to improve, you each need to give each other criticism, so that you can both grow into the best versions of yourselves 😀

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Yes, there may be tears and arguments as no one like confrontation and not many people want to give up their poor habits that they have instilled within themselves for years. Those habits are second nature to most of us and will take a lot of work to overcome but it is worth it. We each need to be open to change and be honest with our loved ones. They surely want the best for us and we want the best for them! ❤

If you confront your partner, family member or friends about this and they do not want to change. First see if them refusing to change is going to be a problem for you. Maybe it is fully against your values. If it is a huge problem, that cannot be resolved, you may need to cut that person out of your life because the pain is not worth causing problems to your mental health and well-being. Only you can decide what it is that you need. You have to make the choice.

Thank you so much for reading! Remember that you are in control of you life and covering your eyes with not make any problems go away. We all have to face and deal with them. Although not pleasant, it is worth facing and moving on to a better chapter of your life. Stay strong and keep moving forward. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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