Why it is OK to Be Upset. Your Feelings Matter – Life🌸 artistbybeauty

We each go through different emotions on a daily basis. The days can vary, with some days making us feel happy and others not so much. It can be frustrating getting into a rut that makes you feel bad for more than a day, as days could potentially lead to weeks if it gets out of hand. Luckily there are many good ways that we can use to help bring ourselves back out of those types of circumstances ❤

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When we are feeling down. It is first of all, good to know that we are allowed to feel sad, angry, annoyed – whatever the emotion may be, it is OK to feel that way. In fact, it is best to feel the emotion for what it is, accept it and then think of a way to get past it. You cannot just brush off the emotion and be positively fine, as it may bottle up within you and all of a sudden burst out in the worst possible way. Making it even more difficult to overcome.

So let’s not keep our emotions bottled up. Expressing our emotions as they happen, helps us to understand what is going on with ourselves. If we are angry, we may start to pace ourselves, walking backwards and forwards in a room, muttering out what it is that we are angry about. It is good to handle that emotion in such a way that is not threatening any one. Since the emotion is being expressed, it allows for us to start questioning why we are feeling that way, and look for solutions to assist 🙂

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Solutions may include writing daily in a journal, exercise or asking for help. Both expressing the emotion and then having questions, allow for answers to be revealed to resolve the problem, which leads to understanding. So if we were angry that we could not get tickets to a one night show with a performer that we had been wanting to see live for years, as it was all sold out. We may question why we wanted to see the show so badly and if there was anything that we could have better done, to have avoided missing out on tickets.

We learn from these mistakes. So, the next time we see a show that is coming to our city and we want to attend, we will be better prepared to get the tickets. This shows that we are personally growing into amazing beings and the wonderful thing is that we can grow in any part of our lives. Making improvements as necessary. It is great that we can keep building, growing and becoming the best version of ourselves 😀

Thank you so much for reading! Know that you are stronger and smarter than you think. If there is anything that you are afraid to do at the moment. Please be brave and willing to face the challenges that come your way. Your feelings are valid, as are everyone’s. Together we are strong and we will get through this. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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