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The life of comfort is a dream to many. A place where you constantly feel relaxed and at ease. It is when you easily know what to do, basically automatically doing it. You know, like sitting in front of the TV, watching a movie and eating you favourite snacks. Being comfortable is wonderful but it can also not be the best for you ❤

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Complacency is dangerous in any area of your life. It can make you take things for granted as you automatically feel entitled to the things you currently have. Whether it be with you finances, relationships or work. If you get too comfortable with your day-to-day routine, you can become a robot. I know this all too well as I am very routine specific with some areas of my life but over the years I have learnt to let complacency go. Ensuring that I change up my routine ever now and then 🙂

It is not that you are not allowed to the same schedule daily. What is best is to avoid living the same day, in the same way, everyday. If you have dinner with your partner or family every night, instead of being the one who talks the most, let someone else talk. If you go for a run everyday, instead of taking the usual route to the park, go run along the river. Little changes are great 😀

Making small changes like this to your regular routine can make a huge difference. It allows you to keep learning and growing than doing the same thing everyday. I am sure you are great at your job, especially if you have been doing it for many years. How many people do you know are comfortable in their job and do not do anything to go beyond the tasks of what they normally do? I am sure you can name a few.

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Most people when they start a job are super excited about it to begin with. Then after months of working there, they get super comfortable. Once they have been there for a year or so, they feel as if they have learnt everything there is to know and do their job on auto-pilot mode. This stops them from learning anything new and can cause lack of motivation to progress in their career ❤

As most of us are currently stuck in our homes, it is now a good time to review our lives. Thinking about where we have come from and where we are heading. Get a piece of paper and jot down some goals that you would like to achieve. Note down time frames and think about what you want your future to be like. It is good to dream. Know that you can do anything that you want 😀

Of course we do not all have to be go-getters in every area of our life. Maybe it is not so much the problem with tasks being repetitive, it is just the way that we handle them each time. What we need to do is to keep striving to be the best versions of ourselves, to keep learning in order to grow. Thank you so much for reading! Be thankful for all that you have. Give thanks every morning. Change up your daily routine and learn something new each day. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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