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Each one of our dreams are important. Not only the big ones but also the ones that are small. When you first think of your dream, it may not seem that appealing straight away but the more that you think about it and expand on different ideas surrounding the dream, the more that you can think it is worth pursuing ❤

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Once you feel like it is worth pursuing. You will think of all of the different options surrounding your dream. Researching your dream topic can help as you can find plenty of mentors, people who have do it before and others, just like yourself who want to be an entrepreneur. I say entrepreneur as in work for yourself, as this goal is for you and these days it can be best to work for yourself, as you can work from home 🙂

Let’s say that you want to be a singer. You may not have the best equipment to begin with but you have to start somewhere. You could use the voice recorder on your phone to  record your songs and upload them to a social media platform. If you are confident enough, you can record a video of you singing. Taking the second option is great, as people can easily relate to someone when they can see their face 😀

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It can be disheartening when you tell your dreams to another person (especially if it is someone personally close to you) and for them to say that they think your dreams are stupid or too big. As hard as it can be, it is important to disregard their thoughts and pick yourself up. Know that great opportunities are coming your way and you do not have to have anyone believe in you. As long as you are determined to never give up, you will get there.

Sometimes you need to be the hero of your own life. Rescue yourself and say that everything is going to be fine. You will achieve your goals, which will help you reach your dreams. Be your own best friend if you have no one else. Write words of encouragement and things that you are grateful for in a journal daily. Know that you are a beautiful star and you can shine bright! ❤

Know that you can do anything. Keep going no matter what. Ignore anyone who tries to bring you down or does not believe in you. People usually project their own insecurities onto others. So whatever they say about not believing that you can achieve your dreams, it is because they believe that they cannot accomplish such a dream. Thank you so much for reading! Be safe, stay strong and keep going for what you want in life. Always stay faithful to your dreams. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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