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Taking risks means going into the unknown. Seeking something great that you feel is worth taking a chance on. When was the last time you took a risk? Actually, maybe the better question is have you taken a risk before? A risk is as it states risky, as just because you take a leap of faith, does not mean that it will work out for the better.

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Before you take a risk, you first have to weigh up your options. Considering who will be impacted from you taking the risk? What the worst case scenario looks like? What it is that you are wanting to achieve? With the first one, it is true that we should not care what others in general think. However, if you have built a life with your partner and you have children or live with someone who would be hurt from the risk if it does not work out. The risk may not be worth it.

Now, we are each unique. So, everyone is going to think differently as we have different values of what is important to us. Some may be in a situation where if they do not take the risk, their family will still be in a bad position so for them it is worth it because there is a potential chance of making a better life for their family. Their current state of living may already be declining. Even still, if you are going to take a risk and you have a partner, family or live with someone who depends on you, you need to have a discussion with them first.

Communication is key to having a healthy relationship with anyone. Your mother, father, sister, brother, partner, friend or even your dog. If you do not communicate, complications will arise and all involved will start to blame each other for any mistakes that happen. Taking a risk is a big deal, so having some form of support can be helpful. Whoever you tell may want to assist you every step of the way. It could be something as little as cheering you on.

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Never underestimate the greatness of someone believing in you. It feels amazing knowing that there is another being who has got your back because there will be times of need, when you will feel like you need a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Even just someone to listen, to ease the frustration and occasional doubt. We all need others, even if it is support from friends that you have made online. No one gets through life fully on their own.

So, what sort of risk do you want to take? Maybe it is starting a blog, with the risk being having less time to spend with you family. Could it be that you want to self publish a book, risking that you may not make any money and that there is a chance no one will buy your book. Another scenario could be that you want to move to another country. This can have many risks such as, what if you cannot find work to support yourself? What if you do not make friends? You may be alone for a long time and that could badly impact your mental health.

No matter what, it all comes down to your choice. At the end of the day you are going to choose what you feel is best, even if someone close to you disagrees. Please be honest with those you care about. I personally do not think a risk is worth losing a partner or family over any potential gain but that is a part of my values. Yours may be different. Thank you so much for reading! Keep going for your dreams. Do your best to compromise with those you care about so you all get the best of both worlds. Have a graceful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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