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A clean home is a happy home. It is your place of sanctuary, peace and where you decide how to live your life. You eat, have conversations with loved ones, make big decisions, relax and sleep in your home. It is a special place, that you should feel most safe in and never take for granted ❤

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Sadly not everyone has a home or a good one, for that matter. In regular day-to-day life (before coronavirus, which will hopefully end soon) people would go to work for a set amount of hours, be tired from a long days work and feel more comfortable when returning home. Seeing their home as a place to unwind and recharge. I understand that everyone has a different “regular” day-to-day life.

Although some may live in similar ways, no two people are the same. Unfortunately, there are people who live in homes of utter chaos. Where even family members within a home are disrespectful to one another, causing fear for some. There are also those who have children to then take care of after working all day and the only time that they have for themselves is when they sleep ❤

There are many different types of situations in homes. Some are good, while others are bad. I cannot speak for others. I am fortunate to live in a good home where I am able to think, be myself, be happy and I will never take that for granted. I am extremely grateful. If you too, live in a home like this, please also never take it for granted. Especially right now, with coronavirus continuing to spread. It is sad that conflicted households are stuck with each other and are not allowed to leave their homes; they may be scared to report, given there is no where to escape right now.

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It is also an unfortunate time for those who are homeless right now. Regulations such as social distancing in place, has caused people to have to stay at home or work from home, leaving no one to be able to hand money to the homeless – as the virus can spread easily. We need to realise, although it is scary to think about, anyone of us could become homeless. Looking at the current circumstances, many around the world are on the verge of just that. Having no money, they cannot buy food or pay rent. This is heartbreaking.

This post has taken a dark turn but it is the truth of life, that many of us like to avoid in our world of comfort. Thinking, “That will never happen to me”, is careless. No one is free from bad things happening to them. Of course we are different in the manner of how we handle situations. Some cave when terrible things happen to them, others seek help or try to find a solution themselves. Please do not judge someone else for their unfortunate circumstances, you just do not know why their life is currently like that.

For all of us who are in lockdown. Please take this time to tidy your home to make room for energy. Being stuck at home (for how long your country has advised) can drive anyone insane. You need to keep your mind busy and happy. Clean up every area of your home and you will feel a lot better! Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you found this post helpful and eyeopening. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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