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We each have our off days where we do not feel good about ourselves. It can be tough to cheer yourself up. Sometimes you are not feeling great, so you go do something that you believe will get you back on your feet but there are moments when you can feel helpless and not want to do anything at all ❤

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It is in these moments of feeling helpless that we need someone close to us, to help pick us up and get us back to who we are. Lately, you may have notice those around you not being themselves. Feeling extra scared, sad or worried due to the effects from the coronavirus. The worse is seeing your loved ones retreat to themselves, avoiding contact with you and others that you both live with.

Before we can truly help someone else, we need to first take care of ourselves, as you do not want to confront the other person about their situation and end up arguing. This will just make things worse for everyone in the house. As silly as it may sound, it can be helpful to stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself how you are doing. When practising this, pay attention to how you feel as you answer that question.

If you are feeling good, then that is great, go ahead to help the other person. If you are not doing well. Do something that will make you feel better since you have already gone to the mirror to ask the question, you have the ability to help yourself get out of these icky emotions. If you were not able to do the mirror exercise, you yourself need to seek help. Talk to someone that you can trust about your situation. If they cannot help, please turn to online support, forums or non-for-profit organisations.

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I have done volunteer work for Samaritans (a foundation that was formed in 1953). Basically, people would call and all I was required to do was listen and acknowledge their presence. I heard the saddest stories which of course I cannot share. It was eye opening as I was able to witness how just being heard, can change your life for the better. Many of these people were wonderful and you would have never of guessed that they were in the toughest situations ❤

We sometimes forget that everyone has problems. It is just that some of us will want to keep running from the problem because it is hard to face alone. Working at Samaritans allowed me to see that peoples lives do get better, they just need to talk to someone, be heard and then a solution usually comes to their mind. It is beautiful seeing another being find light and get out of the darkness. So please talk to those who need help, even if you just listen it is very helpful 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope this helps open you mind to new ways and allows you to help others. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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