Be Creative, Imaginative, Stay Home, Coronavirus Drawing Day #3 – Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

Your creative mind is a world of mystery. A place where the most magical things happen. It is where ideas emerge, the simple ones, as well as the complex. No one can limit to where your imagination can take you. It is only you that can choose where your thoughts start and end 🙂

Post Mar 31 2020 Pic 5 - Final

I like to think of my imagination as a place of escape, where my stories foundation is based and developed. There are many paths that I can take when it comes to an idea. I choose where it goes with every thought that I think about. As the idea develops in my mind, I analyse over and over again. To decide if I should bring it to life, into our world.

Some may believe that your imagination is only for developing creative ideas. Yet, it is also great for meditation as you can picture yourself on a relaxing beach, while listening to music that includes sounds of the ocean waves. When needing to solve a problem it can be helpful to use your imagination to think of the different scenarios and possible outcomes. It is good to imagine solutions as it helps you think of ways to handle the problem ❤

Post Mar 31 2020 Pic 9 - Final

Visualisation is one of my favourite ways to use my imagination. It is great to tap into ideas, thinking and visualising what you want your future to look like. Picturing yourself achieving particular goals, starting a family or buying your dream home. Visualisation is helpful to motivate you and keep you moving forward, on track to obtaining these goals. Your imagination can help a lot with this 😀

Being creative in your mind is wonderful and it is free! It does not cost you a thing, other than time but the great thing is that you can use you imagination during any part of the day. When you are eating, walking or before you fall to sleep. There is no limit on when you do it or how often. It is especially great to go into that peaceful part of your mind in times of need. To breathe and picture how you will get through the current hard times, and know that when you get through it, that there are great things to look forward to.

You can bring your imagination to life in many ways. Writing stories is a great one. I find writing to be relaxing and a lot of fun. It can depend on how you like to write. You may want to first outline the story that you are going to be writing about or you may just want to write whatever comes to mind as you go along. It is up to you to work out what is best for you. For myself, I like to write as I go, since my worlds for my stories form as the characters travel on their journeys. I love how they choose where the story goes 🙂

Post Mar 31 2020 Pic 1 - Final

Creating art is where I like to explore most of my imagination. Writing, painting, drawing and sewing are the main types of art that I enjoy the most. Another thing that I have a lot of fun with is cosplay. I love putting on makeup, wigs and costumes. It is so much fun dressing up as my favourite characters. Sewing costumes is one of my greatest passions. I am yet to share my cosplays as there are some things that you should keep just for yourself haha 😀

Actually, I am thinking it may be time to share that side with you. I have talked about my love of cosplay a little here and there on my blog. Anime is something that I have loved since primary school. I enjoy talking about anime and will be sharing anime reviews soon. I am very particular about how I want to review anime, as to why it has taken me years to finally decide that it is time to do it! Especially since we are forced to be at home due to the coronavirus (which will possibly go for months) ❤

For my long time readers I will be getting back into beauty reviews, award posts and tags (since I have been nominated for some – thank you! 😀 ). I will share more of my gaming side too. I will forever be a huge gamer. Adventure, fantasy and horror games are my favourites. As for my Twitch channel, I am hoping to be back at live-streaming this week. Thank you for your patience. I really appreciate it.

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a cat strawberry chibi girl, coloured pencil drawing. This is my third drawing for my #drawingdailytofightcoronavirus challenge. I am drawing each day until we beat the coronavirus. It is so cute that she is dressed up as a strawberry. I love her imagination! I need to cosplay this haha 😀

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Get creative and use that imagination of yours. Enjoy the time that you have if you are currently at home. Start a blog or a YouTube channel. Let me know if you do and I will support you. Now is a great time to explore your creativity. Have a blissful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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