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Everyday we are seeing the numbers rise with people who are infected by coronavirus all over the world. The cases are now at over half a million worldwide (see current stats here). The number of people passing away from this illness are continuing to rise as well – it was over 22,000 yesterday, today it is over 24,000. I really do hope this all ends sooner than we expect ❤

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No one should have to have their life taken like this and no one should have to lose someone that they know in such a terrible way. It is awful! The news has been keeping us well informed. Constantly their are videos, articles, clips, images and stories put online for us to view. It is important to be well informed, accept that what we are seeing happen to our world and people is truly happening as we have to acknowledge it. However, how good is it to be consuming all of this heartache?

Now I am not saying that we need to turn off our televisions and ignore anything coronavirus (COVID-19) related. I am just pointing out that it is not healthy to constantly bombard yourself with the news that is updated by the minute. Especially being at home right home, not able to leave your house (your house is currently your world). If you keep adding all that worry to your existing problems, it is going to hurt you and those around you.

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When we absorb information of tragic news – seeing that people are constantly being hurt. We feel as though our heart is breaking, anger ignites within us, stress builds up on top of our existing worries, and then knowing we cannot change what is happening causes more pain as we feel helpless. This combination can lead us to being depressed and the depression will rub off on those who we live with. Not only that, we will interact online, adding to the anger and pain of other peoples comments online, causing it to loop and hurt others. The great thing is that we can control ourselves 🙂

We can choose to limit the daily amount of time watching the news and focus on what is truly important to us, which is our health and wellbeing. You and I are of no help when we cannot keep our mind and bodies strong. We need to be healthy both mentally and physically. We still need to keep ourselves informed with what is happening in our own country and in the world but we cannot let that be all that we focus on, otherwise we will go insane. Making us angry, depressed and sad.

It is not good to add further problems that you have no control over to your existing list of problems. Please keep your mind healthy. Feed it good thoughts, eat right, exercise at home and watch some things that make you happy. Do things that lessen your stress load. Use this time to spend quality time with those you love. Thank you so much for reading! I really hope this helps you during these difficult times. Stay healthy and strong. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x



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