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Every person in some way is currently finding daily life difficult. The coronavirus is impacting us by hurting our health, causing us to have to practice social distancing, losing our jobs and keeping us at home. It is a scary time as we are unsure of what is to come of this, yet we do need to stay strong and healthy. We need to overcome the current challenges, as well as the ones to come ❤

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COVID-19 as you are aware is causing many countries to go into lockdown, with some on the verge of following. The virus is spreading fast and has taken many lives. I do not know anyone personally that has passed from this horrible illness (I hope dearly that I do not ever and wish the some for you). If you know someone who has passed away from coronavirus, my heart deeply goes out to you. It is sad knowing a life was taken much sooner than expected and in such a terrible way.

As a result of this pandemic some businesses have been ordered to be closed in Sydney. Many can still remain open for the time being (major retailers and department stores) but there are strict rules around it. They have to comply with social distancing guidelines ensuring that there are 4 square metres per person and each person must be 1.5 metres apart. No more than 100 people can be indoors at a time. Even so with these rules in places, in my opinion it will not do much as you cannot monitor staff in a way that they will not go near each other.

I am sure naturally if you were working, you would forget at times to keep your distance from each other. Customers are more than likely to forget about this too and will have questions – that they will walk right up to a staff member to ask. I understand that the Government wants to ensure that at least some can remain in work but it is still risking the health of everyone, as coronovirus still has this opportunity to spread.

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There are essential businesses that are deemed to definitely remain open. The list includes: petrol stations, freight and logistics, food delivery, banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and bottle shops. Yes, the last one made me laugh. Both here in Australia and New Zealand we tend to have a need for alcohol. I guess difficult times call for some way to keep us calm haha. I myself rarely drink and prefer to put any money that I have towards food 🙂

Now, I could not imagine what it must be like for families at the moment, especially with schools choosing to close. Many families require both parents to be working. So those who are still working will be finding it hard to have someone take care of their children. Not only that, they will have to feed them more and provide them with extra attention. It must be stressful. I do not have children but I am the eldest of six, with an age gap of 12, 13 and 14 years, between me and three of my little sisters. That I helped raise, so I know what it is like to raise children. Angels one moment, then devils the next. Just kidding, they were good most of the time 😀

To stay happy, we need to be first of all thankful to be alive. Waking up each day is a gift. Life is truly valuable, it cannot be bought. Be thankful for family, friends, that we have a home, food to eat (hopefully indefinitely) and have the internet to communicate. The internet being particularly important as it helps us keep connected with one another and updated. Happiness equates to action. All you need to do is spend time doing the things you love to be happy. Now that you have extra time at home, please use it wisely and be grateful for it ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I am posting more to spread love, as well as give updates. It is good to do these posts so that one day we can look back and see that we got through this together. Be as happy as you can and stay healthy.  Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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