Elegant Steampunk Fairy Wearing Goggles Drawing – Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

Being different, is nothing new right? Well, I am sure it is nothing new to yourself. Do you ever question why people do not understand you or wonder why you are so different from everyone else? Thinking how even your closest family members and friends cannot understand your take on some things. Oh the frustration…

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Yet, it is a lot of frustration that is unnecessary. How is this unnecessary? It is as there is not a single person out there who is going to understand you as much as you understand yourself. No one is going to ever know you better than yourself. First thing is that you are with yourself 24/7, so of course you feel that you know best, and think that most of your ideas are great. The second thing is if you cannot fully understand and agree with one persons way of thinking, then how can you expect the same of others?

It is easy to play the ‘Why can’t anyone understand me?’ game. However, it is hard to be able to accept that not everything you think and say is going to be understood or right. As human beings, we make mistakes and learn from them. Your mind is not perfect, neither is anyone else’s. So never act as if you are high and mighty when discussing your point of view. Have an open mind, step back and listen to what the other person has to say. Take it in, share your thoughts and respect other peoples opinions ❤

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It is important to know that when we are having a discussion with another individual, that they may be interpreting what we are saying in a way that is completely different to the message we are trying to get across to them. If you say, “Dogs are scary when they jump”. You may be meaning that dogs give you a bit of a fright when they are excited and jump on you. Yet the person you are talking to, may believe that you mean you are terrified of dogs, as you find them jumpy.

Although both parties involved do not realise it, this is miscommunication. Not clearly stating what you mean, could possibly have a negative impact. Yet, you could be clearer with your message and the other person may still understand it differently. The best way to make sure everyone is on the same page, is to simply ask them what they understand from what you have just told them.  This is great, as it allows opportunity for them to confirm what they believe you have said. Communication is everything! 😀

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Be as clear as you can when speaking to people. Ask what they have understood from what you have said. Doing so, you will know whether or not they truly get what you mean. It is also important to always be yourself. Do not change for anyone but yourself. No matter what, we are constantly changing. This change can be for better or worse. Spend quality time with yourself, every week to better you mind, understanding and learning to embrace your uniqueness. We are all different and that is perfectly fine 🙂

Do what you love and love what you do. Do not let anyone have influence on where you should be going with your life. You get to make the choices. If you want to go skydiving and those around you, tell you that it is too dangerous but you have always dreamt of doing it. Just do it. You do not need to give them an explanation but if you want, you can say that you appreciate their concern and that you are still going to do it. As it is for you, no one else. You have to live your best life, as your life is just that, your life!

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a beautiful Steampunk Fairy, drawn using colour pencils. Steampunk is very close to my heart as it involves many things that I love, such as: Victorian fashion, adventure, action and science. It is a beautiful genre that does not get the attention it deserves. I will be sharing more of this type of art with you from now on. I love it so much! ❤

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Be yourself. The best version of you, that you can be. Keep evolving and changing for the better with each lovely day. Have a graceful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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