Blissful Generous Angel Drawing – Coloured Pencil 🌸 artistbybeauty

There is ultimate joy in giving. No, I am not exaggerating. Love is arguably the best feeling that an individual can feel. It feels great to love and be loved. Giving is a part of love as when we give we are being kind (which also stems from love). Generosity is a beautiful act of kindness, putting ourselves out there to help another being shows we care. It is lovely to give and witness others participate as well ❤

Post Mar 22 2020 Pic 5 - Final

Naturally people are more generous during the Christmas holidays. Why? You may ask. Well, giving is encouraged throughout such a wonderful season, as it is a common theme to be joyous and give to those in need. It is great seeing people be happier and radiate a kind spirit at Christmas time. Not only offering money to people who are homeless or arranging presents for children that come from families who cannot afford gifts. It is the little things, as small as the gift of a smile, that is greatness itself 🙂

There are a surprising amount of people that do not smile at someone who they do not know. Ok, maybe this is from my own perspective as I am use to smiling a lot. A smile is basically a permanent thing on my face, not in a scary way haha. I just choose to be happy as much as I can and smiling does make me feel better. Over the years I have noticed how much people appreciate a smile, so that is also motivating to continue to give in that way. Smiles are free, right! 😀

Post Mar 22 2020 Pic 9 - Final

The generous spirit of many, throughout seasonal holidays is something we need to implement all year round. No we do not have to donate money to charities all the time (if you do, you are an angel and I praise you!) but we can offer smiles, helping hands and an ear to listen, for those in need. It is a beautiful heart-warming action to listen to another person, especially if they are going through a hard time. I am sure that you can agree, you have had your fair share of struggles and during such times, it felt great when someone listened to you; or maybe you did not have any support and wished you had someone to talk to in those moments. Be that person now for someone else.

As social beings we need to communicate. We seek to be heard, held and loved. There is not a single thing wrong with you wanting these things. Each person on our lovely planet deserves love, to be acknowledged and know they have a place in someones heart. Treasure deeply each of your family members, friends and others that touch your heart. The love for others is not only limited to people but also animals, our passions and nature itself ❤

Post Mar 22 2020 Pic 1 - Final

If you feel that you are not a generous person, that is ok. It is up to you how you choose to be. If you want to change and learn to be giving and selfless, please know that you can. It is never too late to change or learn something new. I do not believe that there is one person out there who has never done something generous, as we all have a heart and feelings. You may not even realise your own giving nature as there are some things that we do naturally, such as sharing with family and making quality time happen with those that we care about. The littlest things count.

As simple as it may sound, we need to treat others the way we would like to be treated while respecting their own values and beliefs. It is the approach of kindness, compassion and a friendliness that I am sure we can all appreciate from another human being. Taking in such generosity and being able to then be the same with others that we come into contact with. A generous effect that loops for eternity 😀

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you an adorable chibi angel colour pencil drawing. She is a happy angel who encourages generosity, love and kindness. I am enjoying drawing these little characters. I am thinking of making them into mini comics as they are really sweet.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Do your best to keep your heart kind and open for love. Be the best loving, caring and kind person you can be. Have a peaceful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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