Ocean Cliffside Tropical Sunset Pastel Painting – Acrylic 🌸 artistbybeauty

The mind is powerful. Absorbing information wherever we go, solving problems and reviewing situations to come to a final decision. I love my mind dearly but at times I find myself getting too logical. Asking a lot of unnecessary questions and not finding as many answers. This can often lead to overthinking, causing utter frustration. Oh why do our minds make life so complicated at times? ❤

Post Mar 21 2020 Pic 5 -Final

Influence is powerful. A power that can push you into doing something that you may have not seen yourself ever doing before. Is it social media, people we work with or family who can influence our minds? When you think about it, it is all of the above, plus much more. Anything can influence what we think. Whether it be people, animals or even the weather. At times we can base our decisions on things impacting us in some way and not realise it; not having the slightest clue.

Being human we naturally want to be likeable by everyone. It is a strange want and we know it is impossible for everyone to like us but we still want it. Even if we say that we do not care what others think. There is a small place deep down in the back of our mind that tells us we do truly care. This want of approval can make it easy to influence our choices and for some, can cause them to compromise their own values.

Post Mar 21 2020 Pic 9 -Final

It is an interesting thing, that in the moment of making a decision we believe that we are making the right choice. Yet afterwards when we understand the outcome and that we are unhappy with it. We then try to connect the dots as to why we had chosen such a decision. Only then noticing a particular person had said it was the right thing to do and we naively believed them. A sense of regret arises, causing us to pledge to never make the same mistake again – yet it most likely will happen again.

The mind wants what it wants and there is a tendency to believe it knows best. I am not trying to belittle our beautiful minds. I am just saying that influence finds a way to wriggle its way into the mind and lead you in a certain direction. Can we stop this? Not really but there is another way that we can approach decision making. One that is based on feeling than thinking. A way of trust and positivity. That is to follow your heart ❤

Post Mar 21 2020 Pic 1 -Final

When you listen to your heart, you are analysing a matter with your gut feeling. A feeling that is incredibly strong, that it will hurt and you will feel the pain, if there is something wrong. It is odd how you sometimes just know what to do based on a feeling. It is as if there is an aura present and it is speaking to you, telling you everything is fine or that the situation is wrong and needs to be resolved. The heart means well and will tell you immediately how you are feeling. Which you can then make a decision using that feeling 😀

Have faith and trust in your heart. Know that your mind is great but can overthink at times. Learn more about yourself by writing in a journal daily about how you feel. Feed your mind positive thoughts, so that your mind stays healthy. Having a healthy mind and good heart can lead to a balance where both the mind and heart can work in harmony. We can each do this but to be able to constantly do it, we need to practice self-love, gratitude and have trust in ourselves ❤

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a lovely pastel acrylic painting of a sun setting into the calm blue ocean. I enjoy going to high places. Ocean cliffsides are stunning to be on the top of. They have breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding nature. It is an amazing feeling standing on a high cliff above the ocean and looking down at the glistening water.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Remember that your mind is wonderful but it is not always right. Sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling but most of the time it is good to follow what your heart tells you. Have a nice day!


Capili Jiron x x


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