Cosy Birds Painting – Watercolours 🌸 artistbybeauty

Continuously learning is key to self-improvement. To become good at anything takes time and consistent steps toward achieving our goals. You have to be patient and not worry too much about the path that you are on.

Post Feb 5 2020 Pic 1 - Final

Sometimes it is best to let go and just go with the flow. Open up your mind to new ways of learning. There is no need to be perfect at a skill but there is a need to have the willingness to learn. The more you practice something, the better you will be at it ❤

Consider anyone that you come into contact with as a teacher. We each have things that we are good at and others not so much. The things we are good at, we can share our knowledge to others about the subject and with the things we are not that good at, we can share our experiences. Which the person you are talking to can decide if it is useful to them or not.

Post Feb 5 2020 Pic 3 - Final

Older people have many years of experience in crafting skills and life experience. The more years that they have been on our lovely planet, the more time they have had to get good at a skill. We can learn from people of all ages. Just because someone is younger than you, does not mean they cannot offer advice that has value.

A younger person will most likely have a different perspective on executing a task. Their way may happen to be more productive and efficient than your own. It is not that they are smarter, it is just a different way that could be better to do things. As with anyone who gives you advice, you can take it as you please. Just show respect 😀

Today on my YouTube channel I am sharing with you a cute cosy birds water colour painting. It is of a mother and baby bird, who both love each other very much. The mother teaches the baby bird what she knows and the baby bird will discover its own path in life as time goes on. They need each other for company and to keep warm.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you so much for reading and watching! Always be kind to others and yourself. Ensure that you are not so quick to judge someones advice. You never know, you may learn something great. Have a lovely day!


Capili Jiron x x


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