Cat Painting using Watercolours 🌸 artistbybeauty

Cats are cheeky, funny and bossy at times 😀 They are independent, claiming the territory of their home and showing a sense of pride in all that they do ❤

I had always been a cat person until I bought my dog Lamington (he’s a toy poodle) when I was about 23-years-old. My family had many cats over the years, from since I was born. When I say many, it would have been about three at a time.

Post Dec 28 2019 Pic 6 - Final

Our first cat was Ace, a ginger cat who (when I was around 14-years-old) would visit an elderly lady about two houses away from our home at the time. She would feed Ace and let him go into her home. Ace was the same age as me at the time. He eventually stayed with the elderly lady when we moved as he got attached to her.

My sister and I each got given a kitten when I was around 10-years-old. She named her kitten Bubbles (black & white) and I called mine Pebbles (tortoise-shell). Unfortunately, Bubbles somehow got outside one night and was killed by another cat. It was very sad.

Pebbles went on to have three litters of kittens over the years. The first litter contained four precious babies named Milo (ginger), Toffee (tabby), Tiffany (tabby) and Cookie (tabby). Milo and Toffee came to live at my Dad’s farm. Sadly, they both ran away. Tiffany and Cookie were given away (an upsetting story that I may share in the future).

The next litter contained three lovely kitties named Duma (grey), Tiger (ginger) and April (black & white). Duma lived with my Mum, Stepdad, brother and three youngest sisters until I was 19-years-old. He too ran away to live with an elderly lady. Tiger sadly got hit by a car and passed away early in his life and April went to live with my Stepdad’s friend.

The last litter that Pebbles had was twins. Both girls named Rebel (grey tortoise-shell) and Pepper (grey & white). Not long after (as we still had Duma and Tiger at the time), my Mum and Stepdad decided to give Pebbles, Rebel and Pepper away. I was really sad as Pebbles was my cat and I didn’t get a say in the matter.

I loved each and everyone of these cats. My sister (second eldest child) and I (eldest child) moved out to live at our Dad’s when I was 16-years-old and then I fully moved out of home when I was 18-years-old. I plan on buying a cat in the near future. I am hoping to next year as Lamington grew up with cats, so it will be nice for him to have a friend at home.

Cats are adorable! Today I am sharing with you on my YouTube channel a watercolour painting of a mother cat hugging her sweet baby kitten.

Post Dec 28 2019 Pic 3 - Final

I had a lot of fun playing with watercolours. I usually prefer painting with acrylics or oils. It is nice to use a different media that I am not that experienced with. The more that you do something out of your comfort zone, the better you will get at it.

Post Dec 28 2019 Pic 4 - Final

I hope you enjoy the video and that it sparks some creativity in you. Thank you so much for reading and watching. Share your thoughts below. Have great day!


Capili Jiron x x




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