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Bold and bright. Pastel and light. All of the colours of the rainbow fill me with glimmering joy. Bright colours tend to appeal to younger people. As we get older, something changes… people get duller? No, that is not the right wording. Perhaps we get more serious? Serious equals neutral and common tastes? Hmm so many questions and I am sure we would get a million answers.

Blue has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember. Wait a minute… when I was a baby it was the typical “pink is my favourite colour because I’m a girl”, then it changed to yellow as it is such a happy colour, then I became fascinated with all things to do with the ocean, making blue my favourite colour moving forward.

As I discussed in my Fairy Drawing post, I have felt deeply connected to nature from a young age. One of my earliest memories was playing with cats in the large backyard of my home at the time. I would have been about 3 or 4 years-old and somehow, about five cats would come over to play with me. I distinctly remember getting them to sit in a circle. Haha it kind of seems like a movie where the cats would be honouring a higher spiritual being.

I would “talk” (yes, meow) to cats and they seemed to understand and “talk back”. Isn’t it funny the ways we can connect to other beings as children. It sounds crazy thinking about it now and had I understood back then that there really are crazy cat ladies in the world, I may have believed that would have been a part of my future 😀 Its not, I just have one sweet dog for now (absolutely nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady by the way, as long as you can love and care for each of them equally) ❤

Even though I was a quiet child. My sister (the one that’s closest in age with me, I have four sisters) and I would make friends with basically any other child that we would come into contact with. We were very social outside of school. Attempting to build outdoor shelter like huts out of sticks, leaves and sheets on the weekends. Social adventurers of nature you could call us. Both of us partly grew up on a farm as we would stay with our grandad every second weekend (he owned a 24 acre farm). Many great adventures happened there which I will share with you in time.

Now, where am I going with this? It is interesting to compare how we felt in our younger years to how we feel today. Many people tend to with time lose interest in passions that they once had. Some sadly have no hobbies at all as they fully focus on work and make time for nothing else. It is important to make time for your passions, health, family, friends and work. Life is balance, as balance can lead to a great life.

I ensure that I prioritise the things I love. I find it heartbreaking when I meet people and ask what their hobbies are and they reply that they do not have time for interests outside of work. Especially, if I ask something across the lines of, “Do you like to colour in colouring books? Its good for the mind and is relaxing”, and they respond “No, that’s for children” or “No, but my kids love to”. As with colours, bright colours are not just for kids, they are there for all to express and have fun with.

I truly love myself for never changing my “child-like” hobbies (*rolls eyes*, ironically like a child right? lol) and never giving them up. This includes gaming, watching anime, princess and barbie movies. Collecting toys, comics, books, posters, stickers and so on. I could type a trillion things 🙂 What’s important is to love yourself enough to allow yourself to do what you want and not care what others think. As long as you are not hurting anyone, its all good!

Now for a bright fun haul. I purchased these lovely makeup items from Chi Chi cosmetics about a month or so ago. Finally, got around to filming it. I am already in-love with the Pride palette. The colours are vibrant and beautiful. I will have some makeup tutorial videos to share with you very soon.

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 1 - Final
Make-up blending sponge (yellow – $5.95 aud)

I haven’t really used a blending sponge like this before. I usually purchase sponge wedges as they are cheaper and you get more for an affordable price. Plus the sponge wedges go a long way. The Chi Chi make-up blending sponge will be fun to test.

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 9 - Final
Fabulous & flawless foundation (No. 1 ivory – $29.95 aud)

I am use to mainly using foundation from Australis Cosmetics (my go-to for majority of my make-up). Since Chi Chi was offering the Fabulous & flawless foundation for free with my purchase, I thought why not give it a go? I will film a first impressions video and share my thoughts with you.

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 2 - Final

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 3 - Final

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 4 - Final
Lipstick mini set ($20.00 aud)

I had been meaning to get some neutral lipstick tones and these are perfect! So earthy, I love it! The Lipstick mini set would make for a wonderful gift for loved ones on their birthday or Christmas. Handy to place in a small purse too.

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 6 - Final

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 7 - Final

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 8 - Final
Pride rainbow palette ($49.00 aud)

Just look at the colours! Aren’t they gorgeous? Yes! I am super excited to create fun fantasy and everyday looks with this palette. The Pride rainbow palette contains 42 high pigment colour eyeshadows. I just looked at their website and it has sold out. I read reviews before purchasing. I can see why it is popular, it is such a beautiful palette.

Post Dec 24 2019 Pic 13 - Final.png
Rich payoff eyeliner (black – $14.95) & 3D lash mascara (black – $22.95 aud)

I needed a new black eyeliner pencil so the Rich payoff eyeliner will be great to try out. The 3D lash mascara sounds amazing from the description. I have high expectations for it due to that. We shall see how it goes, I will review both of these products.

I hope you enjoy this haul. It was some awkward fun filming it. Haha its been quite some time since I have had to stand in front of a camera and speak, so enjoy the awkwardness of this one.

Thank you so much for reading and watching! Keep doing you, make time for yourself and live your best life. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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