Hello :) It’s Spring – Life Update 🌸 artistbybeauty

Cold nights are fading, as are the clouds from the sky. The sun is awaking, allowing new forms of life. Flowers are beginning to bloom, as am I…

Haha yes, it is finally Spring! A lovely time in Australia. Not too cold and most importantly, not too hot 💗

I am awakening with Spring. Yes, I vanished during Winter. I got too caught up with work, study… you know, the usual things one must do to keep moving forward.

The simple life stuff 😀 I thought to myself, how shall I get back into my blogging and YouTube videos… and it seemed like a good idea to start with a life update.

Nothing much has changed to be honest. I mean, I have made progress with my goals for the year; relating to my writing, art and studies, but I need to continue further with my other passions, being blogging and creating videos.

Ok, enough with the rambling… I want to say hello! How are you? How’s your year going? (there is under 4 months left, time is fast, so crazy!). I want to share more art, lifestyle, makeup and vlog videos with you. I’ve been missing it very much 😁

My year has been going well, I am on track with majority of my goals. My New Year’s resolutions for 2018 are (let me remind you and also me 😋) consistency and discipline. Not going to lie haha, they are hard to master. I am good at consistency and discipline when it comes to my art, writing and studies. I just want to be able to apply them better with my blog and YouTube 💗

As you may know I have been writing a lot this year (partly here on my blog but more so offline), towards my first novel. I love fantasy novels and manga, and have wanted to share my stories for a long time. My novel is going great, I am happy with the drafting process.

I know people say to keep goals to yourself and then make announcements once you’ve completed them. I do agree with that, but only for some goals. I like to share at least a few of my goals with you because it does give me a boost to keep going for them. I enjoy the pressure and challenges.

I am super stubborn when it comes to failing. Meaning that I am happy to fail a million times and will keep going until I achieve whatever it is that I want to obtain. This can be seen as a good and a bad thing but I honestly can’t help it. I just cannot give up on my goals no matter what lol.

Maybe you can say I fail to fail or fail to accept failing as the final step. Meh… it’s all good, I enjoy the journey and love sharing parts of the different paths I take with you. I like each and every big or small detour that appears along the way to my destination. It’s all worth it. YOLO right!

I apologise for my late replies where it comes to my comments. I do not like to answer a person’s comment and leave out others. I will reply asap and get back to new ones each week from now on. Consistency and discipline, story of my journey this year 🙃

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rambling post and video. Stop by on my Twitch channel and say hi sometime. I am currently playing FFVII and FFVIII (Final Fantasy 7 & 8) retro games. FFVII is my fav game of all time!

As always remember to keep going for what you want in life; don’t give in, never give up. You can do and achieve anything you desire. Keep moving forward.

See you in my next post. I am officially back at it… posts every day, because why not!

Have a great day!



Capili Jiron x x


3 thoughts on “Hello :) It’s Spring – Life Update 🌸 artistbybeauty

  1. Hi Capili so good to see you again! Glad you are well and seem raring to get back into all your projects. I would just caution against overdoing things however, when I started my blog I tried posting each and every day with a new lightsaber design and I nearly burnt myself out so be careful.
    And I am well thank you, even if things have changed a little for me. I no longer have access to the original lightsaber design software I used to create my designs so I had to learn something new – 3D Modelling! In the past 3 months I have taught myself the basics of a computer aided design package called Blender 3D so I can create totally bespoke sabers (I can also add animations and special FX to them now too!) It was a steep learning curve but who says old Jedi can’t learn new tricks!
    Good luck with the rest of the year and finally nailing your resolutions. Chat soon, For.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Haha I will be careful. I have written out a really good schedule, to make sure I have enough time for everything. I’m slowly getting back into things. I get what you me though. Wow that’s so cool! 3D modelling sounds amazing. That’s awesome, I would love to learn how to do animations one day. Haha that’s right, it’s never too late to learn something new. It’s actually a good thing to keep learning new things x x

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