Weekly Vlog – WEEK 7 🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Week 7 weekly vlog is up! 😊😊

In this weekly vlog I share with you some life updates, how happy I am with my new makeup palette, and some of my sketches from an older sketch book.

I skim through my sketch book (as the video would be much longer if I filmed every single sketch). I feel very happy sharing these sketches with you.

As I have mentioned, I will be sharing sketches from one of my current sketch books every 30 days. So basically around the 18th of each month is when I will release a sketch book update video.

I want to share with you, footage of some of the gardens in Sydney as they are very beautiful. I am hoping for good weather next weekend, that way I can film and share a  fun vlog (and maybe a separate video on the gardens).

I really enjoyed filming this vlog. It is a great way for me to be able to look back on and review, to see how much I’ve grown with my art and fitness.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it interesting. Please subscribe if you are new to my channel. Also like and share your thoughts in the comments. I share art, lifestyle and beauty videos on my YouTube channel weekly.

Thank you so much for reading and watching. Have a lovely day!



Capili Jiron x x


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