Lifou Isle VLOG (South Pacific Carnival Spirit CRUISE) 2017 ๐ŸŒธ artistbybeauty ๐ŸŒธ Capili Jiron

Lifou island (spelt also as Lifu) is such a beautiful part of New Caledoniaย ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

I visited this lovely island last month (September 2017) while on a 10 night South Pacific cruise on the Carnival Spirit ship (see review here).

Post 24 Oct 2017 Pic 1

Now lets first learn some quick facts. As per the Carnival (“Stuff you really gotta know onshore!”) information sheet we were provided the night before arriving to the island. It states the island size is 1.197 km2 (462 square miles), has a population of 10,151 and languages spoken are: French, Drehu & Kanak.

The shape of the island is an irregular shape being 81 km (50 miles) long and 16 to 24 km (10 to 15 miles) wide. The information sheet also mentions that Lifou is no higher than 60 meters (200 feet) above sea level and use to be a coral atoll, that was part of a submerged volcano.

The white sand was so magical, very pretty and felt soft. although at times I had to look out for bits of dried coral (you’ll notice in my vlog) ^.^ I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the nature I was surrounded by.

It was quite cloudy that day, with a bit of wind. I didn’t mind it at all. I was just so focused on exploring as much of the island as possible as we were only there for a day. There are plenty of coconut trees as you would expect being on a tropical island. I even saw some right on the beach and in the water.

The wonderful local people of the island had food and items for sale. Some people got massages and others got their hair braided. I think I might get my hair braided next time I go, it looked really cool. I love the hairstyles.

I found it so fascinating with how the trees on the island grow. It’s almost like they are dancing while reaching for the sky ^.^ It was so beautiful to be amongst them. This was the first ever tropical island I had been to (I don’t count the Philippines as I was a kid back then and can’t remember much). I loved looking at the wooden sculptures. You can appreciate the fine details.

I love the feeling of salt water so much! The ocean does wonders for your skin. My skin always feels amazing when I’ve been swimming in the sea water. I feel more alive and one with nature when I am either swimming or hiking. We found this adorable crab (my partner is holding with care, in the above photo). We kindly returned this cutie to their beautiful home. Such a sweetheart ^.^

I was very happy to be able to see the different sculptures and structures on Lifou. They were stunning and breathtaking. Witnessing such beauty got me super inspired with my art and writing. I managed to start a new story while on this holiday. Aren’t you just taken in by the beautiful flowers? I always love taking photo’s of flowers, they are such elegant wonders.

Most of all I loved the beautiful blue water. It was so clear and glistened beautifully. I have a huge passion for nature and travelling. I want to inspire you to do more travelling too because you really find yourself more and get closer to nature each time you travel.

I cannot wait to visit Lifou again. It truly is magical and wonderful. Please check out the video below of my holiday in Lifou. Like, comment and subscribe if you are new to myย YouTube channel. Be on the look out for Mystery Island and Mare vlogs to come.

Thank you so much for reading and watching. I hope you are well and happy. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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9 thoughts on “Lifou Isle VLOG (South Pacific Carnival Spirit CRUISE) 2017 ๐ŸŒธ artistbybeauty ๐ŸŒธ Capili Jiron

  1. Man, I wish I could be transported to that island right now, it looks absolutely amazing. Almost as if it’s a fantasy land. Absolutely amazing: and wow you are not kidding about that water: incredible! . Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures you made ๐Ÿ˜Š

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