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I love eating olives so much! So why not include some in my skincare routine 😊😊

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Olive (a New Zealand made and owned company by Simunovich Olive Estate) products are free from: cruelty (do not test on animals ^.^ they only test on humans), parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourants or fragrances & silicones.

Their products are in environmentally friendly packaging, which makes me happy to know. I do not support products that test on animals, as using products that are cruelty-free is very important to me.

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I originally purchased nine products from Simunovich Olive Estate but they ran out of stock of the Olive Superfruits Hand & Face Collection (a pack containing an Olive Leaf Rosehip oil and Olive Hand & Nail Cream).

I received an email and phone call advising of this, which was very kind of them to let me know. They refunded the money for the pack, which went back onto my card that I paid with, in a timely manner.

They also gifted me some lovely samples which I will share at the end of this post. I placed my order on Saturday 14 October 2017 and received my parcel on 17 October 2017, so it did arrive very quickly. I am very pleased with how fast shipping was.

On my YouTube channel I have shared an unboxing and haul of the Olive skincare range that I ordered. Please check out the video and share your thoughts ^.^

Olive skincare is natural and safe skincare. It is fine to use even if you have sensitive skin. Which I do.

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I am in love with the elegant style of the packaging. The cool green tones remind me of olives and nature itself. There are beautiful nature print designs on the boxes, as well as on the products themselves.

Having the font in a brown colour adds a lovely touch and makes it look naturally appealing to the eye. I find it helpful how they colour code and list the main ingredients on the side each the box.

The list each has the ingredient written and the ingredients purpose e.g. Antioxidant = olive leaf extract, Hydrating = rose flower extract. Having a list like this helps me understand why I would want to use a product like this, as it speaks for itself.

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Olive Clarifying Face wash (60ml): Contains pure olive leaf, angelica root extract & Manuka honey. It is a cleanser that is to hydrate your skin. Leaving it feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. It retails for $17.95 (view all ingredients here).

Olive Illuminating Face Polish (50ml): Contains pure olive leaf extract, kaolin clay & Manuka honey. This product is to gently exfoliate the skin. Leaving the skin purified, feeling smooth and looking radiant. It retails for $22.95 (view all ingredients here).

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Olive Hydrating Facial Toner (60ml): Contains pure olive leaf extract, orange flower water & melon fruit extract. I love how it is in a spray bottle (so I don’t have to be wasteful using cotton facial pads like with other toners). Leaves the skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and moisturised. This product retails for $24.95 (view all ingredients here).

Olive Facial Booster Oil (20ml): Contains pure olive leaf extract, apple seed, pomegranate & immortelle oils. This product helps to repair the skin. Maintaining and supporting the skin. Leaving the skin looking youthful, vibrant and firm. It retails for $28.95 (view all ingredients here).

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Olive Brightening Face Moisturiser (45ml): Contains 100% natural whitening formulation, pure olive leaf & bearberry extracts. You can use this moisturiser for both day and night, but I will just be using it for the day since I also ordered the night moisturiser. It gently brightens and hydrates the skin. This product retails for $29.95 (view all ingredients here).

Olive Moisturising Night Cream (45ml): Contains pure olive leaf extract, mulberry extract & vitamin E. This night cream nourishes and hydrate the skin while you sleep. I have used this product before, many years ago and it was amazing. I am excited to use this very soon. It retails for $29.95 (view all ingredients here).

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Olive Renew Eye Contour Cream (20ml): Contains pure olive leaf extract, rosehip oil % coffee seed extract. This eye cream assists with helping repair the skin. Enhancing collagen and elastin production (as coffee is known for that). It helps reduce the appearance and signs of aging. This product retails for $29.95 (view all ingredients here).

Olive 100% Lip Balm: Contains pure olive leaf extract, Manuka honey & sweet almond oil.  Nourishes and protects against having dry and damaged lips. I needed to replace my old lip balm, so I am very excited to use this. It retails for $8.95 (view all ingredients here).

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I was very happy to find this lovely surprise when doing my unboxing video. I received six 10ml samples (2x Nourishing Day Cream, 2x Body Moisturising Milk & 2x Rich Cleansing Milk). I am very grateful to receive these lovely free samples. Thank you Olive!

I purchased everything above myself (excluding the free samples as mentioned). All prices noted are in AUD (Australian dollars). I am very excited to try all of these products, including the samples.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as I will do some first impressions videos and posts. Then once I have used the products long enough I will do reviews on each of them.

Please visit my YouTube channel to watch the Olive Skincare Unboxing video. Subscribe if you are new to my channel, like and comment your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading and watching. Let me know if there is an Olive product in this post that you would like me to do a first impressions on or review first.

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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