Our Goals in Life (ART mountain lake Painting) – CHAT & TIME-LAPSE🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

Nature is so beautiful and amazing; it always inspires me 🙂🙂

Today I uploaded on my YouTube channel a new painting video. In this video I discuss how we each have different ideas as to what success means for us.

What success means to one person, can be different from another persons view. There is never one path that we must all follow in life.

We each have our own unique journey; our own challenges, and depending on what path you take, your journey to achieve your goals may be more difficult than those within your circle (family, friends, co-workers etc.).

Keep going, no matter how much you struggle, it will all be worth it in the end. It is better to do something than do nothing, as time does not stop for us; we cannot control it.

I hope you find this video helpful and keep working on becoming the best version of yourself. Keep fighting through all the unexpected things that come along in your life.

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Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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15 thoughts on “Our Goals in Life (ART mountain lake Painting) – CHAT & TIME-LAPSE🌸 artistbybeauty 🌸 Capili Jiron

  1. These words of strength that you give in this post are so true. I try to succeed in doing that every day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I try to remain as positive as I can. Wonderful post and video 😊

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  2. OMG, first time I saw you in a video :D! You’re such a lovely person! And indeed, everyone is different, so they have different goals. But these may also change and that also fine :). xoxo Sarah

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