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*** Re-blogged post as I am currently away on a cruise for 2 weeks and did not have enough time to write a new post. I hope you find this post helpful ***

What do you drink daily that is healthy for you?

At the very least it should be water. Ensuring thatย your body gets enough water and nutrients daily is vital. Green tea has many health benefits and is very affordable.

post-3-pic-3Some of the benefits of green tea are

1. High in antioxidants

This is valuable for the body as antioxidants can help repair the body, and prevent disease. Green tea contains a high antioxidant content.

2. Large amount of nutrients

Green tea contains nutrients whichย are beneficial for the body. As our bodies require: energy, minerals, protein, and vitamins to function right, we need to have the right amount of nutrients for our body. Green tea contributes well in this area.

3. Improves your thinking

As green tea contains caffeine (less than coffee)ย it can help you stay awake, and improve the functionality of your brain.ย Drinking green tea is a great way to stay alert, especially when studying or just needingย the energy toย be able to be focus.

4. Can boost your metabolismย 

Green tea can give you energy, as well as boost your metabolism. This is great as drinking green tea also helps to burn fat, keeping your body healthy, and weight under control.

These benefits are some of the reasons why I love to drink green tea everyday. I know that some people do not like the taste of it on its own; you can always add a little sugar or honey if you like (I have friends who do this). I personally like pureย green tea just with water.

What I mostly like about green tea is that it gives me energy, and at the same time relaxes me. It is such a wonderful drink that I cannot live without โค โค

Thank you so much for reading, and please take care of your health.

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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