How the sky inspires – ART

We each go through times when we feel down. It is completely normal, but we must make sure that we do not stay in dark places.

Whenever I feel down, I take a moment to breathe, cry, think (whatever it is that I need to do to let it out). Then after that moment I like to step outside and stare at the sky.

For some reason, in times when I am feeling sad, stress or unsure of things, my eyes gravitate towards the sky. There is just something about the sky that makes me feel calm, inspired, and reminds me that I need to keep going for my dreams, and keep doing what I love.

Post 14 March 2017 Pic 1.pngI took the above photos (recently with my phone). It was during a sunrise. I really love the warm pastel colours. It looks magical, and of course it was even more beautiful in person.

Here are five ways the sky inspires me

1. Sunrise

I love waking up early and watching the sunrise. It makes me feel so positive, watching the beautiful colours is a great start to my day. I always do yoga stretches in the morning, so seeing the sun come up when doing yoga is very awakening for me.

The paradise-like colours always inspire me to paint. Lately I have been drawn to painting pastel thick textures against black silhouettes (it is such a fun combination).

2. Sunset

Since I love watching the sunrise, I also love to watch the sunset when I can (particularly from a good height on a hill or at the beach). I really like it when a sunset goes a beautiful orange colour, then fades out into a dark purple as it goes down.

Sunsets inspire me in a different way. When I watch a sunset as soon as the sun has gone to sleep I get ideas for adventure, for some reason it makes me want to plan overseas trips and write mystical stories.

3. Clouds

Don’t you just love to lay out on the grass and watch the clouds go by? I love it so much! When I look at clouds I always like to make out what shape a cloud is, such as, that it looks like a rabbit or a dragon.

Clouds on a sunny day always look so light and fluffy. They inspire me to dream big and keep doing what I love. I enjoy painting and drawing clouds in my artwork. Clouds are beautiful and free. Watching clouds is a great way to remind yourself to make time to let your mind and self, be free.

4. Rainbows

What is great after a storm when the sun comes out? A rainbow of course. Rainbows always inspire me. I love all the colours and how magical they look. I have always been into fantasy and adventure stories, so rainbows make me feel happy.

I enjoy painting unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and Alice in wonderland style-like portraits. I think a rainbow theme series is something I should do next.

5. Stars

Stars have inspired me throughout my life. I still remember seeing my first shooting star when I was little and making a wish. I find stars to be so mysterious and magical. For some reason I tend to have more energy to create art at night.

So when it is dark I get many ideas, then once I start painting one, I find it hard to stop. I love to look up at the stars (and still make wishes ❤ ❤ ), take in the beauty, and let the ideas appear in my mind.

Does the sky inspire you? Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. The sky really is amazing, as is all nature. Plus it is free to look at and you can get inspired.

Keep going for your dreams. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x



13 thoughts on “How the sky inspires – ART

  1. I loveeeee the sky so much! I always take a picture of the sky, because it is always different, changing…just like how we have to adapt. The sky gives me infinite positivity and makes me feel invincible 🙂

    Star-gazing is actually on my bucket list, haha. I’d love to also go to see the Northern Lights one day!

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    1. Yes ❤ ❤ The sky really is beautiful and great 🙂 🙂 Yes, it defiantly radiates positivity. You so should star gaze. I once went to the beach with friends and we slept under the stars in sleeping bags on the sand dunes (up high). It was so pretty. I also want to see the Northern Lights x x

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