Wow February went so fast! 🙂 🙂 We are already in March now, it soc razy how fast time flies by.

It seems my weeks are getting busier and busier, with work, study, artwork, and doing my best to make time for myself, and family ❤ ❤

I have not spent much time on my blog this week as I need to focus mainly on my study and artwork (and of course work is a must, cannot avoid haha).

I have been reblogging all week, and will hopefully have time to create new content for my blog next week, and also catch up on blog messages 😀 😀

* If you would like to read previous diary entries, just click here. *

Post 5 March 2017 Pic 1.png

* Week 9 * – 26th February 2017 to 4th March 2017

1. Time allocated to tasks (total time spent on each task)

  • Blog – 5 hours
  • Research events – 2 hours
  • Exercise – 7 hours
  • Write stories – 2 hours

2. Completed list

  • Blog – I reblogged all week due to time needed for my studies, it has been a journal week on my blog, as with each post I reblogged I wrote a little daily update.
  • Research events – I researched for Sydney IMATS, and some anime events for this year.
  • Exercise – Yoga for 30 minutes, and a 30 minute workout video from on YouTube as every week.
  • Write stories – I was able to expand further on my existing stories. I love to write mystery and adventure stories.

3. Challenges

  • Plan videos – Same as the week before, and the week before that. I did not get a chance to film as I have been studying a lot (So much! As I want great grades).
  • Studies – I am four weeks into my study, and it has been crazy. I am enjoying it though, and learning a lot. I just completed my first assignments.
  • Lack of sleep – Again as I am sure you are aware of, I have still not been sleeping much this week (sleeping late, getting up super early), since I have had a so much to do.

4. Favourite task

  • Artwork – Again for this week. It is my job and one of my biggest passions. I am super proud of the artwork I have been working on this week. I cannot wait to complete my latest series, and share photo’s with you!

5. Highlights

  • Study – I am so happy as I am getting use to my studies, which means I should hopefully be able to create new content on my blog next week, and get back to normal with interacting, and comments. I am also happy to have completed my first assignments.
  • Painting – I am very happy with the theme I have for my latest series. Its fun, dark, and beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading. Have an amazing day!


Capili Jiron x x


8 thoughts on “Week 9 – WEEKLY DIARY

  1. Hey Capili! 😀
    Wow you are four weeks in uni, I am so far 3 weeks in (starting next week)! OMG I can so relate to lack of sleep, since I started – I have been feeling very tired and I felt like I haven’t slept much, being sleeping late and waking up relatively early. I am behind studying 😦 and really need to do something before it gets worse! Assessment is coming soon and so many things coming up – sigh!
    Hope you are coping it well ❤


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