Benefits of Smiling – WELLBEING

Smiles are beautiful, warm, kind, and loving. We all love smiles, as they are a sign of happiness, and positivity.

Smiling is not only a form of positive communication, but also a way to bring self-awareness with what it is that we are happy about, and remind us of the people, and things that we appreciate in life.

Post 7 January 2017 Pic 1.pngA smile really is a wonderful way to show affection. It can make a difference in your daily life, as well as for others, who you encounter with during each day.

Here are five benefits of smiling

1. Can help you feel better

When you smile there is an automatic sense of feeling better (even if it is just the smallest bit). Smiling releases endorphins (a chemical that which makes you feel happier), in doing so, you will feel better about yourself.

2. Can help others

You never know what another person may be experiencing in their day (their day may be going horribly wrong or they may going through a difficult time). You smiling at them could be the positive light that they need in that moment. A smile is contagious, so more than likely the other person will smile back, and feel better about themselves.

3. Great way to start your day

While you are getting ready for work or just getting ready in the morning, a great way to start your day is to smile while looking in the mirror. Smile at yourself, and give yourself a compliment. Doing so will set a positive tone to your day, which will be great as you will be ready to tackle your daily tasks.

4. Can help reduce stress

As mentioned before smiling releases endorphins, which will make you feel happier. When you feel happier, stress will reduce, which will allow you to be able to relax.

5. Attract great things into your life

Like attracts like, right! 🙂 🙂 so if you are feeling happier, less stress, and feel better about yourself; you will have a positive vibe. Smiling will make you feel more positive, and will attract more positivity into your life.

I honestly can not go a day without smiling, actually not even an hour. I am one of those people who constantly smiles, even in the most awkward situations. Smiling is a big part of my life, and contributes to my happiness.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you found this post helpful. Have a cheerful day, and smile!


Capili Jiron x x


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