Wow it has been such a busy week for me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Getting back to study, while balancing work, posting on my blog, and making time to achieve my goals.

I was originally going to study part-time so I could have enough time for work, my blog, and my art. But I decided it would be best to study full-time as I want to complete my degree faster, than over many years.

Making the sudden decision to go full-time has taken extra hours away from my schedule that were for other tasks, and now are put towards studying. ThisΒ week has been my first weekΒ of full-time study, and it has been quite full on.

And even though it has made my week busier, it feels so right, and I know that everything will fall into place soon.

Post 12 February 2017 Pic 1.pngWe are now six weeks into 2017 (basically halfway through February). As I mentioned I have been so busy this week, and have done the best I could time-wise with allocating time to my 2017 Resolutions (you can click hereΒ  to view further details about my 2017 Resolutions, and click here Β to read previous Weekly Diary entries).

* WeekΒ 6 * – 5th to 11th February 2017

1. Time allocated to tasks (total time spent on each task)

  • Blog – 10 hours
  • Try new recipe – 2 hours
  • Research events – 1 hour
  • Plan videos – 1 hour
  • Exercise – 7 hours
  • Write stories – 2 hours

2. Completed list

  • Blog – I was able to make a blog post for each day this week. Since I was very busy I edited some old posts and re-posted them (all helpful posts). The good thing about blogging daily is that I push myself to come up with good content that is helpful, and positive; so on days when I am super busy I can repost a blog post from a while ago (I don’t just re-blog. I like to read over and edit it before posting a second time).
  • Try new recipe – I tried out two new recipes.
  • Research events – I researched flights and accommodation for Thailand, as my partner is planning a trip with some friends for their birthdays (two friends are having birthdays).
  • Plan videos – I planned more videos. I didn’t have time to film due to study.
  • Exercise – Yoga for 30 minutes, and a 30 minute workout video from on YouTube.
  • Write stories – I was able to expand further on my existing stories.

3. Challenges

  • Plan videos – I did not get a chance to film as I have been studying a lot.
  • Studies – It was the first week of study, and it has been full on. I will get use to it though.
  • Lack of sleep – I have not been sleeping much this week (sleeping late, getting up super early), since I have had a lot to do.

4. Favourite task

  • Organising – I love organising, and really enjoyed sorting out my university stationery for my studies. Below is a picture of my bedside tableΒ study set up. I usually study in my art room during the day, and at night I will read over my notes in bed.

capili-pencil-case5. Highlights

  • Organising – I love stationery so much. I am just so happy with my bedside table study set up. It is so cute, and I can easily grab my notebooks to read my notes at night.
  • Drawing – I managed to squeeze in some time to draft some paintings that I have planned for my next series. I am super excited about this theme.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope everything is going well for you with your goals. Remember to stick to them no matter what ❀ ❀

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x



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        1. I love eating them with rice and tortillas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I usually make black beans from scratch, boiling them with garlic and salt. Then fry them up in a pan or sometimes fry them in a wok mixed with rice. Its really yummy x x


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