Part 2 – Study Supplies Haul – STUDY

Yay back to studying tomorrow!

Today I am going to share with you some more stationery that I purchased for my university studies this year (you can see Part 1 here).

I love stationery so much! I always have love going to stationery stores to buy art and office supplies ❤ ❤

I buy majority of my study supplies at the start of the year as stationery is usually on sale and cheaper, since people are going back to school and university.

Post 5 February 2017 Pic 1.pngI find this a great time of the year to buy a few extra things for writing and drafting. This blog post is part two of three. I thought it would be best to post in parts since I bought many items. All of the items were purchased online from Officeworks.

Here is what I got

post-5-february-2017-pic-21. Spirax A4 Notebook 120 Pages – I purchased two of these value packs as it only cost $7.45 AUD for a packet of five, instead of having to pay $1.99 AUD for just one book. I am taking eight subjects this year (full-time study) so I wanted to get a book for each subject. It is good to have two extra books that I can use for writing my own stories.

post-5-february-2017-pic-32. J. Burrows Half Strip StaplerI bought this stapler for $13.92 AUD as it will be good to staple my readings, and assignments together. I like to keep any loose paper stapled together, and organised into manilla folders so I do not lose them, and know exactly where they are.

3. J. Burrows Size 26/6 Staples 5000 PackThis packet of staples will last me a really long time. I purchased a box for $2.78 AUD which is a really good price for 5000 staples.

post-5-february-2017-pic-44. J. Burrows A4 Manilla Folder 10 PackFor a packet of ten it cost me $2.49 AUD. I like to allocate a folder to each subject, and keep documents, and assignments in them. That way I can easily access the information I need when studying.

5. Studymate Scissors – I aways need scissors as I like to cut out important parts of readings to glue onto my book. I bought these scissors for $2.88 AUD. I love how they are blue (my favourite colour).

post-5-february-2017-pic-56. Keji Clear Magazine Stand – I bought this for $3.93 AUD to place my notebooks and manilla folders in. It just keeps them organised, and makes it easy for me to grab what I need when I am studying. It helps save time.

post-5-february-2017-pic-67. Studymate Pencil Case – This was a really good buy. One pencil case only cost me 47 cents AUD. I bought five of these as I will use some to organise my colouring pencils, pens, and pencils. I love how you can cut out the letters, and place them at the front of the pencil case. I will use the letters to label what the pencil case contains (for example spell out ‘pens’ for the pencil case that contains pens in it). Very handy.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will most likely post Part 3 tomorrow.

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


12 thoughts on “Part 2 – Study Supplies Haul – STUDY

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    Hi 🙂 🙂

    I hope you are having an amazing weekend. I have been super busy today completing my assignments. Yay that I am getting them done.

    I was suppose to post my Weekly diary today ❤ ❤ I did not have enough time, so that will be up tomorrow. I plan to post some new content this coming week, and to get my blog back on track.

    Ok, back to study I go. Just a quick hello today. Will get to your messages tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Capili Jiron x x


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