Part 1 – Study Supplies Haul – STUDY

Yay back to studying Monday next week!

Today I thought I would share some of my stationery with you. I love stationery so much! I always have love going to stationery stores to buy art and office supplies ❤ ❤

I buy majority of my study supplies at the start of the year as stationery is usually on sale and cheaper, since people are going back to school and university.

post-3-february-2017-pic-1I find this a great time of the year to buy a few extra things for writing and drafting. This blog post is part one of three. I thought it would be best to post in parts since I bought many items. All of the items were purchased online from Officeworks.

Here is what I got

post-3-february-2017-pic-21. Keji A4 Display BookI bought two of these display books (69 cents each – AUD). It contains 20 clear pockets which I can fill with either readings, assignments, or even use for some of my drawings. I love getting these to safely store my artwork.

post-3-february-2017-pic-32. BIC Atlantis Retractable Ballpoint PensWhen I am going to be writing for a long time at once, I like to use pens that are super comfortable to write with. I purchased a four pack of blue, and also black pens for $4 AUD per packet. I love these pens as they are long-lasting, and are comfortable to hold. I will be using these for both my studies and writing stories.

post-3-february-2017-pic-43. Keji A4 Loose Leaf Refill PaperI like to use lined loose refill paper to draft and plan assignments on, and have on the side of my table when completing exams. It contains 100 sheets and cost me $2.36 AUD.

4. Keji Stick-it NotesThese sticky notes are super handy. I love writing reminders, quotes, and things to do on them. I also stick them partly hanging out of my text books to quickly refer to pages that I need to study, and read. They contain 200 sheets and are only 99 cents AUD a packet.

post-3-february-2017-pic-55. Paper Mate Ink Joy Fashion Assorted Pens 10 Pack – For a packet of ten assorted coloured pens it cost $2.47 AUD. Which I found to be a great price for such lovely colours. I love to write particular notes with bright colours, so these are great for that, and I will also use them in my 2017 planner diary.

post-3-february-2017-pic-66. Artline Multi Pen 10 PackFor a packet it cost $1.97 AUD which is a great deal for anyone on a budget. I purchased these pens as spares, and also to use for to do list. I always have to have a pen on me as I love to write and complete lists.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I just really love stationery, and very much enjoy showing what I use to do my studies with. I will post Part 2 and 3 on the next coming days. Thank you so much for reading.

Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x



29 thoughts on “Part 1 – Study Supplies Haul – STUDY

  1. OMG the best time of the year! Stationary shopping!
    You start uni next week? I have till the 20th! Can’t wait to get stationary! 😀
    Nice haul – those stationary looks awesome!

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    1. Haha yes ❤ ❤ I'm weird, I even just like to go into the store to look at journals, and art supplies haha 🙂 🙂 Yes, I start Monday 6 Feb. My course is through NZ all by extramural full-time. Thank you. Now I just have to organise them in my room and label them haha x x

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      1. Well, that means I am weird too because I love going to stores too to look for stationary, even if there is no cash in my pockets! 😛 That’s awesome, I actually want to start early – it is getting boring at home! Sick of listening to my parents’ drama shows! haha All the best for the new year of uni! That is the best part, the organising! I love doing that! Can’t wait to experience! 🙂

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        1. Haha yes me too 🙂 🙂 Thats like me, when I’m not studying I feel bored, then when I’ve got too many assignments I’m like I can’t wait to finish studying haha. Lol drama shows ❤ ❤ Thank you, all the best to you too for uni this year. Yes, organising is fun x x

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          1. haha! We are never satisified! It always feel greener in the other side and when we get there, we wish we were back where we came from! All the best for this year at uni! ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Artist by beauty and commented:

    Hi 🙂 🙂

    I have so much assignment work to get through. I am currently doing it right now. I will be staying up all night just to complete them. I guess it is part of being a full-time student (while also working).

    Today has been a tiring Saturday, basically doing my studies, and a bit of artwork (not as much as I wanted to). I managed to read some of one of my favourite art books. I love reading about and viewing other artists work ❤ ❤

    I hope your weekend is going really well. I cannot wait to get through these assignments, but then the weekend will be over lol, and then the week shall repeat. I am kind of been in this robotic mode lately. I also need to catch up on comments on my blog, so hopefully I can do that tomorrow night (even if it is just a little bit).

    I just want to say thank you for continuing to read my blog (even if I have been just reblogging alot for the past month, since I have had to put my study and work first). I will hopefully be able to post new content next week and start my YouTube channel soon. I really want to vlog when I visit New Zealand this month, so you can see some of my hometown 😀 😀

    Today I am reblogging a stationery post (Part 1 of 3). It shows some supplies I purchased for my course work. I really love stationery, it is something I love to look at, and it always feels great to buy new supplies for writing or drawing.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and manage to get things done, as well as relax. Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely day!

    Capili Jiron x x


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