How to make Paper Flowers tutorial – DIY

Flowers are so beautiful, and brighten up any area that they are placed within.

I love nature so much! Flowers are one thing that I love to incorporate into my art work. You may have noticed that when I do reviews on products, I like to add paper flowers just make the background look pretty, and brighten up the look.

I make my own paper flowers, and will now show you how you can make them as well.

post-14-january-2017-pic-1Materials you will need:

  1. A piece of cardboard (not too thick).
  2. Scissors.
  3. A glue stick.
  4. An eraser.
  5. A graphite pencil (a HB pencil is fine).
  6. Two different colours of colour paper.
  7. A bangle (or something that you can trace a circle with, you may want to use a cup).

* You may want to use a ruler where straight lines are required (if you are not confident drawing lines).

Here are the steps:

post-14-january-2017-pic-2Step 1 – Place the bangle on the piece of cardboard.

Step 2 – Trace a circle using a pencil.

post-14-january-2017-pic-3Step 3 – Draw a line straight down the circle (you can use a ruler for this).

Step 4 – Draw two more lines as per picture above.

post-14-january-2017-pic-4Step 5 – Draw a small circle in the centre of the large circle.

Step 6 – Using a pencil draw half of the petal shape as per picture above (I have used a red pen just so you can see the shape better).

post-14-january-2017-pic-5Step 7 – Complete the petal as per picture above.

Step 8 – Draw the rest of the petals as per picture above.

post-14-january-2017-pic-6Step 9 – Carefully cut out the flower shape.

Step 10 – You can tidy the petals more as you want with scissors.

post-14-january-2017-pic-7Step 11 – Using a pencil draw a small circle (small enough to fit in the middle of the flower).

Step 12 – Cut out the small circle using scissors (I have coloured my small circle red so you can see how big it should be compared to the flower).

post-14-january-2017-pic-8Step 13 – Grab a piece of colour paper and use a pencil to trace around the cardboard flower shape. You need to trace two flower shapes to make one flower.

Step 14 – Carefully cut out the flower shapes, and very carefully erase any pencil markings (if required).

post-14-january-2017-pic-9Step 15 – Carefully fold each individual petal in half (inwards the top of the flower cut out) to crease a line.

Step 16 – Take two flower cut outs, flip one over, and glue only the centre on the back of the flower cut out.

post-14-january-2017-pic-10Step 17 – Flip back the glued flower cut out, and pace on top of the other flower cut out (ensure that you align the flower cut outs as per the above picture, so that you can see the petals from the bottom flower cut out, peeking through). Apply pressure to the centre of the flower cut out to ensure the glue sticks well.

Step 18 – Set aside the flowers to dry, it will not take them long (maybe a minute or two).

post-14-january-2017-pic-11Step 19 – Take the small circle cardboard cut out, and trace a circle for each flower on different colour paper.

Step 20 – Carefully cut out each small circle.

post-14-january-2017-pic-12Step 21 – Glue each small circle onto the centre of each flower.

Step 22 – Your pretty paper flowers should look like the above picture.

Featured Image -- 6742

I love these paper flowers so much! You can make them with as many petals as you want. They are also great for decor on walls or frames. Do with them what you like 🙂 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. This is my first blog tutorial. I have all sorts of tutorials planned for my blog, such as: cooking, sewing, drawing, and so much more. Please let me know if you found this tutorial easy to follow.

Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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