December 2016 – MONTHLY favourites

During the month of December I tried out a wonderful range of products.

Products that included: books, art supplies, make-up, games, skincare, and fun finds. I always love to find products that will benefit me with my health, make me feel great, and help to express my creativity.


Here are my December 2016 favourites:

post-2-dec-2016-pic-1Artist Painting Techniques – by Dorling Kindersley (DK) – I purchased this book for $45 from a local bookshop. It is filled with great information on painting techniques. What I really love about this book is that it covers: watercolour, acrylics, and oils. It has three levels per media: Beginner techniques, Intermediate Techniques, and Advance Techniques, so you can learn from the level you are currently at. This book is very helpful and contains beautiful pictures for reference (you can read & view more pictures here).post-5-dec-2016-pic-1Hello Kitty – Perfume Body Mist – I purchased this perfume in the scent ‘Bubblegum’ from Priceline. This perfume retails for $4.99 AUD and is 75g in size. Its my most favourite perfume, I really love the scent. It smells lovely and is very affordable (you can read more about it here).

post-7-dec-2016-pic-1Final Fantasy XV – Special Edition (by Square Enix) – PS4 – I love this game so much 🙂 🙂 The characters are awesome, the scenery is so beautiful, and I really love the weapons. At first I was expecting to finish this game by the end of December, but it is going to take me longer as I don’t want to miss a thing (also I’m quite busy with my art. I am trying to allocate more time to gaming). Once I have completed this game I will review it. The story is really great, and makes me excited to see how Final Fantasy VII will turn out (you can read more about my FFXV post here).

post-24-dec-2016-pic-1Loot Anime – by Loot Crate – I love receiving my Loot Anime box each month. This December box was particularly amazing! I love every single item in here, especially the Sailor Moon bottle opener (as I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon). It is a monthly subscription box which I pay for quarterly (you can see more photos on this box and read about subscription details here).

post-28-dec-2016-pic-1December 2016 Drawing Challenge – For the month of December 2016 I decided to draw Anime and Disney characters. The challenge was to draw either Anime or Disney characters in ‘Christmas theme’ each day, with the first drawing released on the 1 December 2016, and the last drawing being on Christmas day. I really loved doing this challenge. It was a fun way to draw different characters, and learn different drawing styles (you can view closer photos of my drawings here).

post-25-nov-2016-pic-3Models Prefer – Facial Cleansing Brush – I purchased this product from Priceline for $19.99 AUD. As I had never tried a facial cleansing brush before. Since using it I have noticed positive changes with my skin. It makes my skin feel smooth and healthy. I highly recommend it, as it is good quality, and affordable (you can read more and view other photos here).

post-18-nov-2016-pic-5Natio – Ageless Hydrating Mask – This product retails for $18.95 AUD. The size is 100g. I love how it hydrates my skin, and leaves it feeling smooth. I only use this product every two weeks as I have oily to combination skin, so I helps when my skin is feeling a little dry.

Natio – Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier – This product retails for $17.95 AUD. The size is 100g. I really love this face mask as it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, and glowing. It’s a great face mask that I use once a week. Clay and mud mask are my favourite type of face mask.

post-30-december-2016-pic-1Funko Pop – Belle – Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney movie so it’s no wonder why I love this figurine of Belle so much! The detailing is so beautiful, and she looks so cute. I really love how her hairstyle is formed (you can view photos of her out of the box here).

post-29-dec-2016-pic-1Journal – Favorite Recipes – This was a lovely gift for Christmas. It has room for 24 different recipes, and inside includes two pockets where you can insert extra bits of paper, and whatever else you like. I will be filling out this journal this year. I really love the design, its inspiring and motivating (you can view beautiful photos of the inside here).

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x

41 thoughts on “December 2016 – MONTHLY favourites

  1. That picture of Final Fantasy XV special edition is so epic I don’t even know what to describe it. I got the deluxe edition and the art is very different. It was drawn by an artist who did the art for FFIV. Overall, you got a lot of great goods. 🙂

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      1. I find it funny that your copy of the game says rated M but over here it’s T. I seen some people create art based on their favorite games and it turns out awesome. Are you going to do some on Final Fantasy XV?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. lol I know. Australia is pretty strict with how they rate things. Some games don’t make it here because of it. Yay that’s cool, I really want to make some art of games ❤ ❤ Yes, I will create some of FFXV x x

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          1. That’s pretty interesting. It sounds like they really consider the content very serious. If we had your system here, I bet this will be hard for kids to play games lol. If you’re going to do art for FFXV, I would be happy to see it. Right now, I’m in the mood for Final Fantasy. 😀

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          2. Yes, it is strict which can be a good thing, and also annoying 🙂 🙂 I will make some on FFXV, just need to plan ideas for it to make them unique ❤ ❤ and of course when FFVII comes out, I will make loads of art for that to share 😀 😀

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          3. Haha at least they care about protecting children. I don’t think even people here in America will read it either way XD. If you FFVII, please do one with Tifa. She’s my favorite girl XD.

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          4. I agree, I think children should be able to be children for as long as possible ❤ ❤ I guess its more open when it comes to things in the US, depending on state maybe 🙂 🙂 Yes I will make art of her for sure, on her own, and with Cloud 😀 😀

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          5. Yeah I agree. Children should worry about having fun and not be exposed to graphic or serious content. Each place is different and it’s interesting to see how they react to content. Yay!!! Personally, I think Tifa belongs to Cloud. Aerith belongs to Zack XD.

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          6. Amen to that! I like Aerith, she seems to be a pure-hearted girl and if I was Zack, I would definitely be happy. Same goes with Tifa but I think she would protect me instead of me protecting her. XD

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          7. Yes, Aerith is great ❤ ❤ She has there most pure heart and is always looking out for others. She has had a rough life since shes special (shes a very important person). Yes, they are a well suited couple. Aerith is kind, and caring, and Zack is smart, and strong to protect her. Lol yes Tifa is pretty tough lol 🙂 🙂 but Tifa does want Cloud to protect her and be there for her, so I think at times she likes to feel like she is protected.

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          8. Yeah I feel bad for Aerith. I wish you can keep her alive throughout the game. I find this game series really different than most games. You grow attached to the characters and something bad happens to them. I think I remember she did say she wanted Cloud to protect her. The relationship between the characters feel like real life.

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          9. Me too ❤ ❤ There was a rumour that she was going to be revived in the orginal game, but they decided not to do it. There is a purpose to here death though. Yes you get very attach to the characters. You even get to go to Zack's village and talk to his parents. Aerith is awkward at that village for understandable reasons, and does not want to say much 🙂 🙂 yes Cloud made a promise to Tifa that he would always come back and protect her if she was ever in trouble. Its so cute! Yes, its such a relatable game. You could play the game a million times and not get sick of it x x

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          10. Really? She was going to be alive? If she was to be alive, I wonder how will affect the game’s story. I would like to meet Zack’s parents but I guess it would be awkward for Aerith. Whenever I hear Final Fantasy, I usually think of VII. That’s a game everyone is familiar haha XD.

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          11. Yes, it was a rumour that is was going to be revived 🙂 🙂 It makes more sense that she doesn’t get revived. Hmm, who knows maybe they’ll make a FFVII sequel game, and revive her then ❤ ❤ Yes, it is awkward because they think Zack is still alive, as he never returned to them. Yes, your right FFVII is what mainly got it popular x x

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          12. Sad to say, maybe it was a good thing she died. At least she can rest in peace with Zack in the lifestream. If Square Enix is not busy, we could get a sequel. That is, if they don’t hold it off like in the past XD. FFVII is very popular. Even Cloud was able to join Smash Bros and in Kingdom Hearts, there was mostly FFVII characters.

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          13. Yes, thats true ❤ ❤ Zack and her were meant to be together 🙂 🙂 I really hope for a sequel! So badly, want that to happen 😀 😀 That's right FFVII is very popular, I hope they can expand on it with more games, or at least movies.

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          14. I totally agree. While playing Crisis Core, Zack became my favorite character. He was strong, funny and morally right. I wouldn’t mind a sequel. I played Dirge of Cerberus and I felt like it could have continued more. 🙂

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  2. I love… Looooove! anything Hello Kitty! But I’m a bit scared that that bubblegum scent might be a bit too sweet for me… ❤ Sarah

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  3. Oh that Hello Kitty Perfume Body Mist sounds great – I love bubblegum scents! Totally transports me back to childhood!
    That recipe journal looks super useful. My SO does all the cooking and he often forgets what he’s made – he often scribbles down some notes and loses them!

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  4. Totally enjoyed reading this post. Just saw your December drawings, they’re awesome! Also, you’re so right about using facial cleansing brushes. My skin got so much better after I started using a facial cleansing brush (I use Braun)..

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