Australis Cosmetics – Lip Pencils – REVIEW

A lip pencil can be the perfect guide to helping you get the lip shape you want, and make your lipstick look tidy.

What I look for when choosing a lip pencil is that: it is long-lasting, goes on smoothly, and matches an existing lipstick that I have.

post-25-nov-2016-pic-2I made an online make-up order from Priceline last month (see makeup and skincare haul here). I have used Australis Cosmetics for many years now, and really love their products. As to why I purchased these lip pencils.

post-21-dec-2016-pic-1Australis Lip Pencil – They are each 1.2g in size and retail for $9.49 AUD – sale price was $5.69 AUD. I bought three colours: Kiss Me Quick, Lovers Coral, and My Fair Lady. I purchased them as the product states that they glide on smoothly, and do not dry out the lips.

post-21-dec-2016-pic-2Australis Lip Pencil – Kiss Me Quick – I really love this shade of pink. It is a slightly bright which is great as it matches many of the pink lipsticks that I own. I have been using this one a lot recently.

post-21-dec-2016-pic-3Australis Lip Pencil – Lovers Coral – I love this shade of coral. It is quite fluro in brightness. I love to wear orange lipstick in both summer and winter. So I will always get much use out of this lip pencil.

post-21-dec-2016-pic-4Australis Lip Pencil My Fair Lady – I have been enjoying creating fun vampy and date night looks with this one. The shade is a purple-like-dark brown colour, which I really love. I can use this for both day and night looks.

post-21-dec-2016-pic-5Here are swatches of the three colours: Kiss Me Quick, Lovers Coral, and My Fair Lady. These lip pencils go on smoothly, are long-lasting, and high in pigment. They do not dry out my lips (such an important thing for me, as I really do not like dry lips).

Thank you so much for reading. Have a brilliant day!


Capili Jiron x x


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