Funko make the cutest figurines, that are so much fun to collect and display.

I am sure that you would have some in your home or have seen them at conventions, online, and in stores. Funko have a large range of different characters from movies, anime, tv series, and so on.

Post 6 Dec 2016 Pic 1.pngI love the boxes that they come in. Each box has a picture of the character, their name, and what they are featured in (such as the anime series or television show). It is easy to view figurine as there is plenty of clear plastic to see through. I prefer to have mine out of the box and display them with my manga collection, and on my bookshelf. Sometimes I will put them on my drafting table for inspiration when I draw

Here are my favourites:

post-6-dec-2016-pic-3Cookie Monster – Sesame Street (television show) – I watched Sesame Street as a child. My favourite character was Big Bird to begin with, as I got older I loved Cookie Monster. Not only is he my favourite colour ‘Blue’, he also loves cookies, which I do too. Cookies are my favourite treat. I can eat as many as him >^.^<

post-6-dec-2016-pic-4Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z (anime) – Vegeta has been my all time number one anime crush (I never liked guys in school, I only had crushes on anime guys – I am weird lol). I am a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, it is one of the anime’s that got me into reading and drawing manga. Vegeta is strong, determined, and has so much pride. He knows who he is, which makes him a favourite of mine.

post-6-dec-2016-pic-5Sailor Mercury – Sailor Moon (anime) – She is my favourite character from Sailor Moon. She is not only pretty, she is also intelligent. I also love to study, read books, and continue to learn new things. I can relate well to her in that sense. Sailor Mercury is blue (my fav colour remember >^.^<), and has water powers, which I love as I love the water so much. I really admire how determine she is to do the best she can, and at times she will go beyond that.


Each of these Funko Pop’s were bought at the 2016 Oz Comic Con. I will be adding more to my collection when I go to Supanova in Sydney 2017. Not sure who I am going to cosplay as yet.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x


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