Travel 2017 – GOALS

Travelling can open your eyes, heart, and mind to new things.

When you travel, you discover new ways of living life. Being around a different culture, tasting all kinds of foods, and looking at the beauty of nature. These are memories that stay with you for life.

post-3-pic-2Exploring is defiantly my favourite thing to do when I travel. I love exploring forest, beaches, and the ocean. Such as the time when I went on a cruise here in Australia. It stopped at a few ports, and one of them was Cairns.

Cairns is such a beautiful place. It is where I was able to get on a tour boat out to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest of its kind in the world. It truly is magical, with all the tropical fish, crystal blue water, and wonderful presence.

It honestly is so unique. I had never experienced anything like it. Snorkelling there was so much fun. Seeing all the different types or coral, fish, and sea cucumbers was really like a fairy tale. The Great Barrier Reef should be on everyone’s bucket list.

post-19-nov-2016-pic-1French Polynesia – I have been wanting to go to French Polynesia for many years now. My main goal was to just go to Bora Bora, but after watching travel shows, and doing more research, I would love to go to a few different areas of French Polynesia. As it is always good to go to traditional parts of a country that you are visiting, that way you experience, and learn more about the culture.

post-19-nov-2016-pic-2Tikehau in French Polynesia looks like a lovely place to stop for a few nights. Doing research I found out that it is a quiet area (which is great as I would find that peaceful and relaxing), has lovely beaches, and you can go snorkelling. To be honest I would probably just be happy spending my whole holiday there as all I would want to do is swim, snorkel, sunbathe (while reading a good book), eat, drink, and sleep.

post-19-nov-2016-pic-3That is what holidays are for, to relax, and unwind. The other two places that I would love to holiday in French Polynesia are: Tahiti, and Bora Bora. Particularly Bora Bora as I have heard there is more to do, and it does look very beautiful from travel shows that I have seen.

post-19-nov-2016-pic-4 Japan – Now Japan has been at the top of my bucket list since I was a child. Most likely it has to do with my love of manga, drawing manga, and watching anime. Though when I go I will defiantly be visiting video arcades, art galleries, and manga/anime stores; I do also want to learn more about the culture of Japan, and be able to put my Japanese to the test.

I am currently learning Japanese (see new skills I am learning here). I feel that the language is very important for me to learn as an artist that appreciates Japanese Art (traditional, anime, and manga).

post-19-nov-2016-pic-5I mainly want to visit Tokyo. As I feel that I would be able to tick many things off my list there. Such as anime/manga stores, food, culture, cosplay, Disneyland, and seeing museums. I also want to visit very traditional areas of Japan, such as small towns, to get the full Japanese cultural experience. I am torn between travelling to Japan when it snows, or for Cherry Blossom season. I will most likely go when it snows. I find snow to be so beautiful.

French Polynesia, and Japan are my travel goals for 2017. I am aiming for this, saving, and visualising. It is incredibly important to make goals, otherwise things will not happen, you have to visualise >^.^<

Let me know of countries you would love to visit. Thank you so much for reading. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


6 thoughts on “Travel 2017 – GOALS

    1. Your welcome 🙂 🙂 That’s really good, I want to travel to many places ❤ ❤ Antarctica would be amazing and beautiful to see. That would be really cool. Thank you so much for reading x x


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    I haven't done a Flashback Friday in a minute so I'm happy to take you back to November 19, 2016 with ArtistByBeauty. She runs a really cool blog where you can find a little of everything. Some anime, some makeup, and in this case some travel!

    It's supposed to be Spring where I'm at but instead we just got snow. Let me tell you I am dreaming of sandy beaches and toasty waters. I may be looking at snowmen this weekend but thanks to ArtistByBeauty I can dream about traveling somewhere completely different. You can join me join me by checking out this post 🙂

    Don't forget to check out more of ArtistByBeauty's great work on her blog as well.

    Enjoy the weekend Grimms ❤


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