ModelCo Cosmetics – Volumeyes Extreme Black Mascara – REVIEW

I am all about mascara when it comes to the eyes.

You can simply wear some mascara, bb cream, and lip gloss for an everyday look. Mascara is what completes a makeup look.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-1ModelCo Cosmetics – Volumeyes Extreme Black Mascara – This mascara retails for $22 (see here). The packaging specifies that it provides: no mess, no clumps, and extreme volume. With the extreme volume being, that it: separates eyelashes, coats, and curls them.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-2The mascara bottle is pretty, with the contrast of metallic purple, and black. It is easy to grip when holding, and is light in weight. It does not feel bulky at all.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-2-1The brush bristles are spread out appropriately, ensuring that no eyelash goes untouched. I usually like mascaras with a comb shape, though I am fine making any mascara work for me >^.^<

post-17-nov-2016-pic-3These are some pictures of my eyes without mascara. My eyelashes are naturally curly, so I will not be able to tell if this mascara can curl my eyelashes further.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-4In the picture above I have applied one coat of mascara. It went on beautifully. No clumps appeared, and it elongated my eyelashes. It is very easy to apply. I usually wear just one coat of mascara, but for this review I tried a second coat as well.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-5Here I have two coats of mascara. If you look at my right eyelashes (left side in the above photo), some of the lashes are clumping together, just a little. This can be resolved with using a mascara makeup brush or by stopping at one coat. It may even be because my eyelashes are naturally curly, that they can tend to twist into each other.

post-17-nov-2016-pic-6Here is another photo with two coats of mascara. Overall I am very happy with this mascara. I will wear it often with applying only one coat. I love how smoothly it goes on. ModelCo Cosmetics is a lovely makeup brand. I will defiantly be purchasing this mascara again.

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what your favourite mascara is below, I would love to know. Have a wonderful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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