Sewing books – TOP 5

It is such great feeling bringing an idea to life.

I love designing clothes. The whole creative process is fun to go through with, from thinking of the idea and putting it on paper, to developing, pattern drafting, and sewing a toile (which is a completed garment made with cheap material – e.g. calico, before sewing final garment). The end result is amazing.

It is so much fun to pick out fabrics, buttons, and any trims to add. I am use to my own measurements, though I still like to refer to books as guides when required.

post-15-pic-1Sewing is fun whether you want to do it as a hobby, make costumes for cosplay, design your own clothes, or even design clothes and items for your own store. Even if you have advance skills in sewing, it is always good to learn new skills, or learn different ways of doing something. Do not think that there is only one way to do something, if you do so, you are just limiting yourself. Your knowledge will not grow if you keep a closed mind. There is always room to learn more.

The following books are very helpful. If you are wanting to learn how to sew, books are a great way to learn on your own, along with DVDs. Always remember that it is never too late to start sewing. So if you want to start, just start learning.

post-15-pic-2Couture Sewing (by Claire B. Shaeffer) – This book is wonderful. Great advice from an international expert in couture.

There are twelve chapters: Chapter 1 – Inside the world of haute couture, Chapter 2 – The art of hand sewing, Chapter 3 – Shaping the garment, Chapter 4 – Edge finishes, Chapter 5 – Closures, Chapter 6 – Skirts & Pants, Chapter 7 – Blouses & Dresses, Chapter 8 – Sleeves, Chapter 9 – Pockets, Chapter 10 – Jackets & Coats, Chapter 11 – Designing with Fabric, and lastly Chapter 12 – Special Occasions.

The book is divided into parts – the first five chapters come under part one ‘The Basics of Couture Sewing’, and the last seven chapters come under part two ‘ Applying Couture Techniques’. This book is helpful with providing images, diagrams, and steps that help you to get a clean couture finish.

post-15-pic-3Shirt Making – Developing skills for fine sewing (by David Page Coffin) – Shirts are my favourite, aside from dresses. I love making shirts that have both ruffles, and pleats.

This book has nine chapters: Chapter 1 – The Materials of Fine Shirts, Chapter 2 – The Shirtmaker’s Tools, Chapter 3 – The Classic Shirt, Chapter 4 – Making Shirts Fit, Chapter 5 – Developing a Basic Pattern, Chapter 6 – Collars, Plackets, Cuffs and Pockets, Chapter 7 – A Workshop in Precision Sewing Techniques, Chapter 8 – Sewing It All Together, and lastly Chapter 9 – Variations on a Classic Theme.

This book is divided into three parts. First part is ‘Shirts examined’ – chapters 1 to 3 come under this section. Second part is ‘Patternmaking’ – chapters 4 to 6 are under this section. The third part is ‘Shirt Construction’ – chapters 7 to 9 come under this section. This book contains lovely images, a great range of diagrams, and informative information.

post-15-pic-4The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting (by Sarah Veblen) – As the title mentions it is a photo guide styled book, which I find very useful as with each step of instructions, there is a photo to go with it.

The book is divided into three parts. Areas of study under part one ‘Laying the Foundation’ are: Developing a Solid Approach to Fitting, Pattern and Fitting Basics, A Framework for Fitting, Fundamentals of Fitting Muslins, and Fundamentals of Altering Patterns. Areas under part two ‘Developing your Ability’ are: The Process of Fitting Garments, Fitting Solutions for Body Types and Related Pattern Alterations, and Fitting Pants. Areas under part three ‘Going to the Next Level’ are: Correcting Pattern Elements Affected by Fitting Changes, and Get Creative.

This book is well put together with photos to guide, instructions, and very informative information. It is a great pattern making book.

post-15-pic-5Couture Sewing – Tailoring Techniques (by Claire B. Shaeffer) – This book is all about tailoring. Getting those clean seams, great finishes, and having a sharp sophisticated look.

This book is six chapters long: Chapter 1 – Tailoring Techniques for Buttonholes, Chapter 2 – Tailoring Techniques for Patch Pockets, Chapter 3 – Tailoring Techniques for Interfaced Hems, Chapter 4 – Tailoring Techniques for Darts and Sleeves, Chapter 5 – Tailoring Techniques for Trousers, and lastly Chapter 6 – Characteristics of Couture Construction.

The book contains images that are matched with instructions, and includes a handy DVD to help guide you. I really love this book.

post-15-pic-6Couture Sewing – The Couture Cardigan Jacket – (by Claire B. Shaeffer) – Who does not love a tailored jacket? Better yet a classic one. The images in this book are truly stunning, and beautiful.

It contains nine chapters: Chapter 1 – Getting Started, Chapter 2 – Constructing the Jacket, Chapter 3 – Buttonholes, Chapter 4 – Assembling the Sleeves, Chapter 5 – Finishing the Edges, Chapter 6 – Setting the Sleeves, Chapter 7 – Patch Pocket Techniques, Chapter 8 – Finishing Details, and lastly Chapter 9 – Characteristics of the Couture Jacket.

This book further includes information on selecting materials, comparing different fabrics. It also has a handy DVD that you can use as a guide, which is very helpful.

That is it, my top 5 sewing books that I truly love. I hope you found this post helpful. I will do further post on designing, and sewing. Including beginners tutorials. So if you are wanting to learn how to sew look out for my beginners tutorials to come soon. Always remember that it is never too late to learn how to sew, or start something new.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great day!


Capili Jiron x x



6 thoughts on “Sewing books – TOP 5

  1. I don’t think I own any of these books except for the Tailoring Techniques one.

    What I love most about pattern-cutting and sewing is there is not one way to do something like you say. There are so many ways and it’s like solving a puzzle when you pattern-cut your own designs! 🙂

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    Hello my friends 😀 😀

    I hope your day is going well. It is another nice day in Sydney. Not too hot, and not too cold.

    I am spending so much time on my studies at the moment (more time than I want too haha). But I have to study alot to get good grades.

    I am reblogging a post on some of my favourite sewing books. You may have not read this post before, so I hope you enjoy it.

    I work and study full-time so its getting a bit tricker to keep up with my blog (but do not worry I am not going anywhere). I will get use to it, hopefully in a week or so.

    I was just going to work full-time and study part-time, but decided to do both at full-time as I want to complete my degree faster.

    I also spend alot on my artwork (my true offline love haha). I am wanting to make my artwork and writing to become my full-time job instead of part-time.

    Also if you are a full-time artist let me know if you have any tips to go full-time at it. I have to keep working full-time to fund my dreams for now.

    Thank you for reading, maybe comment below your dream job ❤ ❤

    I will respond to more comments soon. Have a great day!

    Capili Jiron x x


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