Benefits of drawing – ART

There is so much art in the world, everywhere that you look. Gardens, trees, buildings, and even how people dress is art.

I am sure that when you were a child you would have done art in school, and had a go at colouring books. Expressing ourselves is so important, as it is part of our identity.

I have always loved drawing, and painting particularly. I get so much joy out of being able to bring my ideas to life on paper.

post-3-pic-5 Drawing everyday is very important to me. Even just scribbling on paper can help relax the mind.

Here are some benefits of drawing:

1. Improves communication – When you draw, it becomes a way of self-expression. In doing so you develop skills that help you to get messages across from expressing your ideas. Also when you draw something, and someone views your drawing, they will ask you questions, which allows you to reply with your answers.

2. Can relieve stress – Drawing can help release stress. When you draw, your mind tends to wonder, and relaxes. It is good therapy for the brain as drawing is fun. It is an activity where you do not feel pressure, and can be a good thing to do to get your mind off work or any other challenges that you may be facing.

3. Can help improve your memory – Improving memory is a great benefit from drawing. As you draw, you focus on the idea of what you are drawing, which improves your memory. For example, let’s say you are drawing a vase that has flower and triangle patterns on it; as you draw it, your mind will remember each of the details that are featured on the vase.

4. Creates positivity in your life – Being able to create something from your mind, then bring it to life on paper, really does feel good. You will feel positive each time you draw something, as it is a sense of achievement. Drawing makes your mind more positive, and really does make you happy.

Art is such an important part of my life. I always dedicate even ten minutes a day to creating art. It doesn’t have to be just drawing, it can also be: painting, makeup, writing, gardening, or even baking. As long as I am creating I find myself to be happier, and more positive. Creating can also help with personal growth, as when you create ideas, you develop them, and then bring them to life, which helps you grow as a person.

Thank you so much for reading, and please dedicate even just ten minutes a day to creating something you love, that allows you to express yourself. Have a beautiful day!


Capili Jiron x x


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